American girls are more fun…

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Yeah it’s true you know. From my experience with American women they do seem to be alot more fun. I guess it comes from not living in the UK. Lets face it I am not going to fulfill my parents dreams of settling down with a nice Irish catholic girl – I don’t discount that completely but it really aint likely! The other more realistic option is ending up with a girl from the UK – this is far more likely if not far more probable. However – of the american girls I have encountered they have all seemed far far far more liberally minded and generally just more relaxed and easy going. I aint sayin that all UK girls are stuck up – far from it! Maybe its just a case of the fantasy thats involved with girlies from far off lands and the fact that moving to the States would be a very cool thing in my opinion. Obviously the big pain in the a**e is the Geography – I mean lets face it I’m not exactly in a position to be dating anyone at the minute with the financial catastrophe I’m experiencing.

Allow me to reinforce the ideal that I am not against english girls by any means. I guess all this has come from chatting to various ladies on the interweb (God I’ve turned in to such a f**kin geek) and my experiences have been quite varied!

In other news….oh there is none, yes my dull depressing existence has born no fruit!

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  • Mrs Mark Robinson says:

    Well…. I am a quarter Irish and from a Catholic family…. plus your parents love me – so love it when life goes against all your expectations!! xxxxxx

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