Cant bloody sleep….
15 Aug ’06
Friday nights are for…I cant remember anymore
18 Aug ’06

Head goes down,

Body pines for sleep,

the core of my soul aches for the sweet taste of unconsciousness,

It’s brain that’s the problem,

buzzing and buzzing,

meeting in the morning,

must be up in time for it,

must pay that bill,

must pay that other bill,

can I get that site done so I can get paid,

will I have enough cash for Manchester,


I feel so tired,

Brain – you are a bastard,



nothing – like the space between the header and main content section,

I think I’ll make it blue,

like the Informa video,

must be up in time for the meeting,

so tired,


been lying here for 2 hours now,

God I wanna sleep,

I just want a good nights sleep,

Got to sort out my phone bill,

gotta call some people,

oh lovely,

falling asleep now,


sweet sweet sleep,


fully awake again now,


repeat the above for 4 hours till eventually brain is idle,


alarm goes off an hour later!!!



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