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Where do i put my photos?

By 11 Aug ’09One Comment


I’m struggling with how bets tomanage photos and video i take and where to put them i.e. where to store them on-line. The choices are:

  • My Website
  • Photobucket
  • facebook
  • posterous
  • twitpic

Each of these have their own limitations and conmsequences.

My Website, has the limitations of not being able to upload many large sized photos. This is a major pain as uploadingasimple gallery is always….hicupful. Ideally i’d just like to upload high res images to my site and for them then to be published to other places automtically from there.

Online accounts all have the same issues – Does anyone remembr GeoCities? that was a website ervice that died and went away. I am looking for a solution that will never go away. i.e. I dont wanna use a web based service only to finfd that in 10 yeas the company folds and my images die alongside it.

Posterous is great except that it is still a young company and it wont post images on to MY site – it will only display them on my site. It will push tem to facbook adn flickr and the like but not o my own website.

Hmmmmmm what to do….


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