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10 Apr ’10
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13 Apr ’10

All i really want is a phone that works! Is that too much to ask?

I’ve had it just over a week and it has been failing me over and over and over….

  • Constant Crashing
  • Constant freezing
  • Not booting with USB plugged in
  • Video recording freezes
  • Sound goes out of sync with recorded video
  • Screen goes glitchy in camera mode
  • music/pod-casts stutter
  • not picking up calls.
  • not connecting to PC


Other faults that are more of an annoyance and may not be classed as faults include:

  • Loudspeaker activation is hard to navigate to
  • unlocking screen requires one to many presses
  • unlocking screen requires depressing answer key which is just in the wrong place.
  • screen is easily scratched to crap

On paper this phone is AMAZING! its sad though that the most amazing thing about it has turned out to be the frequency at which it fails me…


  1. mark says:

    Yeah windows mobile s/w isnt good…

    Just get one of the new htc touch screen phones with Android 2.1 s/w…

    All your problems gone.

    • mark says:

      This Vivaz is on S60 5th edition and the second handset has not crashed yet – a lil slow but stable!

      Did think about an Android but all the HTC's have crappy cameras.

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