A late Combodian – POTD
3 Apr ’11
A road accident. POTD
6 Apr ’11

Wow, This place is … thought-provoking!

This trip has been quite mind bender. I’ve never really witnessed such poverty on the scale that ive been witnessing it here. It’s epic in its proportions.

One of the first things I noticed with this town we are staying in called Poi Pet is the lack of infrastructure. This is obvious when you see all the rubbish everywhere. It’s dirty, smelly and hot and is hard to take in at times.

Then when you take in the reason why we are here its gets harder. Trafficking is not a great thing to think about.

BUT – seeing what CHO are doing here is amazing.

Check out their site!


  1. Laura Murphy says:

    visiting there really is a life changing experience. Some of the things i saw Still haunt me.. But the spirit of the place just blew me away.. Amazing. Makes you realize just How easy we have it here x

  2. So true. But luckily there is so much we can do.

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