DIY Why? – The Upcycled Sofa 1 of 8
11 Jul ’12
DIY Why? – The Upcycled Futon 3 of 8
13 Jul ’12

So last month we moved into our new flat and we are getting a really great deal but we agreed that we would do all the improvements to the place. So here is a wee series on our home DIY and so this is why:

So in this picture you can see the aged and battered pine sideboard. Okay so you might not really be able to see it but believe me  – it’s there. Its the unit underneath all the other stuff doing its job as a sideboard well just looking pretty ugly (behind the chair).  – Knowing that we were going to be bringing in our own set of shelves we decided we should paint the sideboard black or to be precise – we decided to stain it black.

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