Having a great time in sunny #NorthDevon #WeavingAWebOfLies #NotSunny, not one bit… #POTD
31 Jan ’16
I took this today just before we left the carpark of a motorway services on the M4.These are my favorite people in this world. My family. This woman who I adore and love with everything I am and these two little #LoveBombs who melt my hardened heart on a daily basis.I was worried about having kids. I worried that I would find them boring, there's only so much time a grown man can spend stacking cups before it gets old so, boredom is inevitable but there are many moments of exhilarating joy that come from a simple smile or giggle or cuddle that are so deeply moving to me that my heart liquefies into a goopy proud and loved daddy.#ThankyouToday for my beautiful wife and my amazing kids.I pray everyone could experience that s joy.#Family #love #twinsofinstagram #twins #reflection. @rufus2612 @rookietwinmum #POTD
1 Feb ’16

It's been a harrowing day. As we were putting the #Twins down for their afternoon nap, "A" took a dive off the sofa and landed cheek-first on to the edge of the coffee table. After a trip to A&E, a missed nap, lots of tears and growling she's finally calming down. Nothing can prepare you for the panic and terror of seeing your child get hurt. Nothing amazes me more than my capacity to love this little joy-bomb. Knowing that God loves me more than I love her is hard to get my head around but if this is the case and the same applies to everyone then we are truly truly loved.She's doing just fine. Her bro is coping with less attention than normal and Mama & Daddy's heart rates have returned to normal.#twinsofinstagram #A&E #SofaDiving #ParentingIsHard #AdultingIsHard #Love #Family #GodsLoveIsBigger #POTD

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