It's this kind of thing that makes me appreciate being an #AppleMac user. #Windows machines always overly complicate the simplest things. #Microsoft #Fail #tech #POTD
3 Mar ’16
It's #InternationalWomansDay #iwd2016 and it's our 8th wedding #anniversary.It feels fitting that both land on the same day. I may be slightly biased but I do feel confident in saying that I got to share my life with the best woman in the world.@rufus2612 is an amazing wife and mother and I feel so blessed and lucky to be able to wake up next to her every day.Happy Anniversary my love.And to all other women out there. You don't need a special day to mark your significance. I'm sorry that the world has been dominated by men for so long. You are all amazing and should be recognised that way every day not just today. #POTD
8 Mar ’16

Enjoying the #SignsOfSpring at #KewGardens today. (Twins successfully napping... For now) #POTD

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