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13 Mar ’16
Happy St Patrick's Day!He's associated with Ireland, booze and Christianity but sometimes we forget that he was also a slave.He was #trafficked from England to work. #ModernSlavery is still a massive issue. Today there are 20.9 million estimated slaves worldwide. We CAN make a difference. Charities like @HopeforJustice are making a huge difference in the UK and across the world by rescuing those being trafficked, lobbying the government about the issues surrounding #HumanTrafficking and making people aware of the signs of trafficking.On this Paddy's Day, as we remember this legendary dude, let's think on his experience as someone who was trafficked and also the millions of people currently held in slavery.I really recommended following/supporting @HopeforJustice because they are an amazing organization making a really positive difference. www.hopeforjustice.org #stpatricksday #paddysday #paddysday16 #twinsofinstagram #POTD
17 Mar ’16

A rare moment with both of them looking at the camera. This has the feel of a photo they'll be embarrassed by later in life. #BookmarkedForLater #twinsofinstagram #chubsters #POTD

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