This #GoodFriday "A" has her first substantial go at walking with reigns. Felt inspired by @muradosmann for the composition. #twinsofinstagram #toddlers #POTD
25 Mar ’16
My favourite #Banksy piece is "Ballon Girl", specifically the instance that appeared on the Southbank in 2002 which also had the phrase "There is always hope". The full image depicts a little girl reaching to the sky after her balloon which has escaped her grasp. On it's own, the image feels utterly hopeless but this version with the phrase transforms it. I don't know if it was the artist himself who added the phrase or whether someone else added it later but this transformation is what makes it my favourite. It's why we have a vinyl of it on our living room wall. This simple statement changes everything about the girl and the balloon and speaks of a simple but important truth that everyone needs to hear.THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE!This #EasterSunday I celebrate that truth. I believe that truth exists because of what Jesus did.#HappyEaster #POTD
27 Mar ’16

Many in Ireland are celebrating the #centenary of the #EasterRising this weekend and as a proud Irishman I too want to celebrate too but... The cost of life was so great. I'm a pacifist. I live in the real world and while I understand why war exists I cannot condone it. Ireland's independence came from a bloody war so while I'm glad of our independence I also remember that so many lost their lives on both sides and so many of them didn't need to. I pray for other nations in conflict and continue to hope for peaceful resolutions. #peace #lovewins #1916rising #easterrising1916 #proudirishman #POTD

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