When we watch TV Ruth often scrolls through her endless #facebook stream resulting in me having to explain what’s going on in the show we’re watching. Sometimes she’ll throw her phone onto the other sofa so she can’t reach it and can’t look at Facebook… This evening I glanced over and saw her like this (you can see her phone on the sofa). #facebookaddiction #screenaddict #wifeshaming #shehasaproblem #POTD
8 Dec ’16
Great seeing the @greenbirdsinlondon branding being updated live on their stall at #ActonMarket #ActonChristmasMarket #WeHeartW3 #We️W3 #POTD
10 Dec ’16

This morning is all about with the building a massive tower that may have ended up looking like a before it's destruction. @jamespoulter would be proud.

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