Today we have been creating a new variation of the twins bedroom and I managed to create a little hidden den for them. This was after attempting to dismantle a sofa and failing then having to plug the open chimney that had previously been plugged with newspaper and masonry snot resulting in me getting covered in dust and brick grot. ( Eeww, It went in my mouth!) Then I had to drop the sofa off to the tip which took longer due to random police cordons and sloooow traffic and then we all went to Hounslow buy their uniforms for nursery which they start in Jan! All to the backing track of our ongoing discussion about how are little lad is 5 1/2 months into toilet training and is still not getting the hang of it. BUT… it was all worth it when we saw their reactions on seeing the room and the hiding place. #twinsofinstagram #Twinstagram #BoyGirlTwins #PreSchoolers #preschoolersofinstagram #DadLife #DaddingHard #HiddenDen #HidingPlace #ParentingIsHard #POTD
16 Dec ’17
We gave the #twins #MicroScooters a bit of a safety and cosmetic upgrade with some cheap #fairylights. The kids love them and you can see them coming a mile away as they hoon all over the place. #DoubleWin #twinsofinstagram #Twinstagram #BoyGirlTwins @microscooters #SafeKids #ScooterMods #LittleHoonigans #hoonigan #POTD
22 Dec ’17

A totally selfish idiot of a driver has parked across our driveway blocking us in. Any suggestions on what we should do?

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