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My sausage casserole before it went in the oven! Most tasty! Sausages, sweet potatoes, parsnips and beans!

Sent from my phone so please excuse giant thumb induced typos.

Matt Redman – Chillout Remixish

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So Yesterday there was a massive spark flowing through the interwebs which was inspired by Justin Bieber.

No, I’m not talking about him being hit in the head with a crowd launched projectile. It was the thing about him sounding quite epically brilliant. Sadly this is not necessarily anything to do with his own talent or lack thereof. The brunt of it was that one of his tunes was slowed down by 800% and it came out like  a beautiful epic piece of brilliance.

So I made my own one using Matt Redman’s “We Shall Not Be Shaken” – click play below.


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Pimp my Narrow Boat

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So After the rush of dealing with a client today we all left the office to help Hilary move her boat up the canal and it was bliss!