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House finale shot on 5DmkII

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This is amazing – the entire finale episode of House has been shot on a Canon 5D mkII – and to think the BBC are being stupidly snobby trying to say it’s not proper HD – CRAP!

This should shake things up for the Video capable DSLR way of film making!

Below is a nice lil video of a some more footage from said camera but what’s great about this is the “Gun Rig” its a great look that you can only really get from this set-up:

And today is why there is HOPE!

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Easter Sunday today – WOW!

Today is the reason there is HOPE,

Today is the reason we are FREE,

Today is the reason we know what LOVE is,

Today is the reason to BE.

Today is the reason to Celebrate that JESUS is ALIVE.