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Orange have seen the light!!!

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Orange have indeed seen the light and have sorted me out.

I got a call y’day from the last honest girl i spoke to back on Thursday when the phone died completely. What her Team Leader has managed to do is to push my contract to the end so i’m now technically in a rolling contract. This means i can go upgrade again!!!


So with that in mind and after much consideration and review reading I’m gonna go for the HTC Desire

This thing seems to be the iPhones biggest contender and in some ways it spanks the iPhone. It our performs in speed and graphics. As it’s on the Android platform I can also make use of the Android App store so I’m on to a good thing here.

Some of the Apps I’ve been looking in to are:

I have to wait until the phone is back in stock which should be a couple of days and then i will really celebrate.

Pray for Amy

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I just read this post from Carlos Whittaker on his blog Ragamuffin Soul:

On Sunday, May 23, Amy Wooddell suffered a stroke and underwent 7.5 hours of surgery to remove the clotting in her basil artery. Additionally they found that her right vertebral artery was torn and was repaired with a stint. She awoke responsive and could even whisper her own name. However, a few hours later her brain began to bleed resulting in an emergency procedure to relieve inner cranial pressure. On Monday, May 24 she was comatose with brain function of only 3 (normal is 15) and it was uncertain that she would survive.

But she did.

On Tuesday, May 25, Amy was considered in stable condition and brain activity began to increase (between 5-7) but was still in and out of consciousness. Inner-cranial pressure had dropped from high 20s on Sunday night down to 1 on Tuesday night. She is responding through blinking (made direct eye contact with Jonny (her husband) on Tuesday night and on Wednesday morning blinked 5 times in response to “Amy, blink a bunch of times if you want Jonny to buy you lots of diamonds” and 3 times for “I love you”). And she is now breathing on her own 8 out of 18 breaths a minute.

But she’s been unable to move her limbs. A recent MRA is showing some blood in near her brain stem which is hindering motor skill movement.

Amy is only 24 years old and has been married to Jonny for 4 months. She is also an accomplished dancer.

While we are seeing God’s healing touch on Amy, we know she has a long ways to go and any permanent damage is still unknown. We are asking for your prayers for Amy’s complete healing.

More information can be found at or by following her husband’s updates on twitter at

I then went on and looked at the website and found it to be very very moving.

The i read the guys twitter page – WOW!

Get your pray on everybody!

Orange, Finally an address to write to..

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I thought i’d post the mailing address that i have been recommended using. The lovely staff member i spoke to y’day told me that the systems is a biut pants and in order to really get somewhere i should try this address:

Compliance Team,

Astral House,

Orange PLC,

Senhouse Road,

Lingfield Way,


County Durham,

DL1 4YG.

So, if you have had any bad Orange experiences i suggest you write to them.


The conclusion of y’days call was that i am being sent a “refurbished” replacment handset. Great!  I wonder howe many of these i’ll have to get through before it gets really stupid.

I’m going to play both fields until i get rid of this total-piece-of-crap phone.

Some interesting info in the mean time:

  • Trade Descriptions Act 1968