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Xbox 306 desired games

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  • Halo ODST
  • Assasins Creed 1 / 2
  • Wet
  • COD – Modern Warefare
  • splinter cell – double agent
  • prototype
  • fallout 3
  • wolfenstien
  • army of two
  • crysis
  • brothers in arms – devils highway
  • stranglehold
  • pure
  • perfect dark zero
  • burnout paradise
  • gearw of war 2/3
  • left fro dead
  • bad company

Toys arrived today

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The Sata Dock and USB hub arrived today – excuse me while a have a Geekasm.

The mini only has 2 USB Ports which is just not eneough. The items i need to connect are:

  • 2 x USB Drives
  • USB Wireless keyboard & Mouse
  • phones
  • 2 x cameras

The Sata dock is what it says on the tin. A dock for Sata drives. It connects via USB or eSata and is hot-swappable. Sweetaaaaaah!

All this will aid in my not at all evil plan!

MSN Messenger now obselete?

By Techie 3 Comments

I’ve been thinking over the past few weeks about MSN Messenger or rather Windows Live! Messenger

There are only 3 people whom i use it with and only one person with whom i use it alot and that’s my wife. While i dont want to alienate these people, especially my wife i am realising that everyone i know now uses either skype or facebook.

I’m certainly not going to rely on facebook but on skype i could do so. I’m considering signing Ruth up with her own skype account.

What say you?


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Plans for the Macs

By Techie 3 Comments

| apple-command |I have a few plans for the network at home. I want to get things automated and seemlessly easy to use. Here’s what i have in mind:

  • Wireless timemachine – Dedicated Partitioned HDD serving the mini itself on one partition and using the other to serve Macbook wirelessly
  • Automated Websites Backup – Mini to backup websites on an alternating bi-weekly basis
    • Steve Macbeth
    • Ruth’s Blog
    • Test Site
    • portfolio site
    • photography site
    • Database backups
  • Media Backup – Relevant Drives to auto backup:
    • Photos
    • Music
    • Movies
    • Data
    • Projects
  • Phone Sync – Get automated actions to sync data and info on phone:
    • sync files when connected by USB
    • sync calender, numbers etc over bluetooth with proximity alert
  • Phone Backup – Back up media on phone(not including music)
    • add photos to iPhoto on Mini & do not duplicate
    • add movies to iMovie on Mini & wipe from phone
  • Media Server – Mini to act as a media server for Macbook.