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The Lost and The Damned?

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I’ve been a massive fan of the GTA series of games. When GTA4 came out i absolutely loved it. I bought my XBOX 360 mainly for that game. I just recently got a hard-drive for the xbox as a birthday gift (thanks to those who did so) and I the bought the new installment of GTA4 – “The Lost and the Damned”

I’ve been really disappointed.

As a christian i am finding the violence and attitudes to grind off everything i believe in now to the point that i am not really enjoying it anymore.

Don’t get me wrong – i am no prude! I can cope with violence and strong language no problem but it feels like i’m stepping over a line when i am playing a character that is actively behaving in such a vicious manner and thus making decisions – albeit in a “virtual” environment myself.

I love this game for its graphics, game-play and diversity but i’m staring to dislike it for its violence, swearing, and lewd conduct. Some might say i’m being a wuss and that “it’s only a game”. Yeah it is only a game but i’m realising that after each time i play it i don’t feel relaxed…. i feel stressed. That says a lot.

The Lost and the Damned – upped the ante. It’s trying to out-do itself which it does very well. The worst thing about all this is that i completed the story mode in a fraction of the time it took to complete the original story mode which i thought was kinda pathetic really.

Anyway – i think i may have just given up on it.

this was sweet

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well the first 2 mins of it before i start ranting. I love the timelapsey type thing at the front.

I really must stop doing the whole ranting thing…

Last Friday’s failed vlog post

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Because this has been such a failure in trying to get it on-line and because of the influence of Human 3rror‘s “Husband Friday Fail” I am considering a new catagory called FAIL.

I do want to wait until wordpress 2.9 comes out asit looks like thumbnail cats are gonna be part of the markup. Lets wait and see.

I realise also i need to sort out the lighting in these videos – i just cant be a**ed setting it all up in the small suite.

While i love this curerent design i feel its a little too dark – i may try and flip it all over and make it more white rather than so black.

Nick Griffin Remix

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This is hilarious!

I do struggle as a christian in how to re-act to people like this. I don’t want to just jump on the “hate” bandwagon. Don’t get me wrong – i think the guy is a complete idiot but as a Christian are we not called to love our enemies?

What should we do with people like this?


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The cold is returning, the hour change has occured, the sunlight has changed temperature and i can’t figure out when I need a coat and when I dont – Yep – She’s back and her big ugly sister will be following soon!

It is amazing how beautiful things are in autumn. The colours are always amazing.

Swept away

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Under Wall Swept

Feel like I’m about to be swept away by the invisible force that is stress, frustration and sheer lack of motivation – a toxic c**ktail of non-work biased feelings that are growing and growing with each moment of this month.

Yes i said month.

It’s not like we have just been having a bad day in the office – it’s a bad month.

God I pray that you would help me though this as i feel i’m gonna crack

The Car – Before & After

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This is the Before shot


This is the After shot


The garage did a really great job. I was very glad to get our car back and to be rid of the “bone shaker“. It did make me realise how heavy a clutch our car has. I know its a 2ltr turbo diesel engine compared to a 1.1ltr petrol but the diff was incredible.

But the winning factor is the GRUNT that our car has over the other! She wins hands down!