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When do we wax on and wax off then?

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The Karate Kid – A dodgy remake

I appreciate we live in an era where every remotely good movie will be remade but in doing so the idea of getting the core values of the film in there must be adhered to! This just doesn’t do that – at least it doesn’t look like it will do so!

I want one of these: GoPro HD

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Tiny Camera – WIDE angle for its size – awsome results in the right hands – my hands!

The only criticism is that it shoots in 4 x 3 and not 16 x 9 which seems like an utterly stupid oversight on the inventors part. Still a great camera though.

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Thankful For Jesus

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Today we remember you. Today is the day we remember your birth and when you started your incredible journey. I really really REALLY can never express what you have done for us and do it justice.

Thank you Jesus for what you did…

During the season of Advent i wanted to try and be thankful for as much as i can on a daily basis so Iā€™m gonna try and be thankful for at least one thing a day