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It’ coming together….

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It’s coming back tpogether now bu  i still need to figure out how to implement the catagory template code. The thumbnail code works great but the tweets need to be condensed hence th catagory template need:

$post = $wp_query- >post;
if ( in_category(‘3’) ) {
include(TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/cat3.php’);
} elseif ( in_category(‘4’) ) {
include(TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/cat4.php’);
} else {
include(TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/cat.php’);
} ? >

Lets see if we can get it to this:

New Layout

New Layout

Good grief this is an awful mess

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I really am making a mess ofthis site i think i need my head examined. I am living in th hope that if i can pull it off It will work and look amazing – well as amazing as i want it to look, but i keep having too many ideas that flit throug my head and i dont write em down and then i forget them….

I gotta have some faith that ican do this. God game me some Skillz and i intend to use em.


Star Trek – WOOT

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Wifey and i went out for our weekly date night last night and did the usual thing of Nandos and a Movie.

Nandos! Oh how i love Nandos. What a brilliant food chain……mmmmm…..spicy chicken.

THEN we wnet to see Star Trek.

WOW…………yes i said WOW

It was great. Being brought up on the show, it gave me a real sense of nostalgia. With all the lame back-stories going around (like Wolverine) i was expecting this to be a bit rubish but i really really enjoyed it. Thelevels of reference to the original series was amazing from the obvious to the ever so subtle.

I don’t really wanna give anything away for hose who have not seen it so I’ll stop here…


bad from low angles

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I have realised that when i really need a shave, and I am lit from the back, and I am tired, and I am using a crappy flash, and I’m being shot from a low angle  that i look rubbish……

…the rest of the time i look just dandy!

Henley Happened

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Wifey and i had a really great weekend in Henley. The plan as to do NOTHING! that pln was achieved. We mostly slept, chilled, read, walked and …well…did nothing…as i …said.

We saw some firends on sat afternoon down in twyford which was cool

On a whole – it was justwhat the doctor ordered. I didn’t realise how stressed i had been until i stopped!


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I’m trying desperately to do some hardcore WordPress theme development and i fear i am a wee bit over my head. However, usually when i do something stupid and try and make the site do something it doesn’t normally, well, i’m always in way over my head but there you go. I am posting this here and on to see if anyone can help me with it.

Old Current Version

Old Current Version

The first image here is how the site currently works/looks. First it takes the most recent post and features it at the top of the page. Then it goes on to display the next ten or so posts with thumbnails albeit limited to 220 characters or so. It is checking the category then assigning the appropriate image. It does that using the following code:

<?php if (is_category(‘7’) ):
<img src='<?php bloginfo(‘template_url’);?>/images/cat7.jpg’ alt=” />
<?php } elseif (is_category(‘8’) ):
<img src='<?php bloginfo(‘template_url’);?>/images/cat8.jpg’ alt=” />
<?php endif; ?>

This is an abbreviation of the full code used as i’m using about 10 diff categories and thumbnails.

This is all a bit messy to be honest. And now i am using twitter it is becoming crowded with that little bird bless him. I want to restyle the layout of the posts. That can be done simply with some good CSS. What I really want to do though is to change the layout of the tweet posts completely.


New Layout

New Layout

This is where the second image comes into play. This image shows roughly how i’d like to display the Tweet posts and the standard posts. I’m gonna do away with featuring the first post as its not really for me on this site – i hate it actually. You will see though that the layout of the tweetpost is very different from the standard one.

I’m using twitter tools to sort the tweets and part of what it does is post my tweets as posts but in doing so it creates a title as well as the content. Fair enough

– it has to for wordpress. I don’t want it to display the Title ad the content. I want to get rid of the titles for these tweetpots.

The way i have been thinking of doing it:

I want to create different templates for each category then create a query in the loop to see which template to use to display the post. The lovely people at have created a great cheat sheet on a PDF (found this via, on the 3rd page is the following code:

$post = $wp_query- >post;
if ( in_category(‘3’) ) {
include(TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/cat3.php’);
} elseif ( in_category(‘4’) ) {
include(TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/cat4.php’);
} else {
include(TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/cat.php’);
} ? >

I want to put this code in to my pages so that whenever a tweet or standard post appears that it will display in a nice and pretty fashion. I just don’t have the PHP/WordPress skills to know which bits of code to change. I have been trying but i keep getting errors.


any ideas?

If anyone out thewre with a super-brain cares to crack this one i’d be a very happy boy.

Questions welcome.

You can find this as a forum post on the wordpress forums too here.


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Film I made for BTP in May 2009:


twitter madness

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I’ve been trying to develop the theme on the site here to be much tidier and to incorporate my twitter feeds in a neater fashion. Its taking a while and i’ve been doing lots of twitter updates without any blog updates. There will be a balance soon.

P l a n e t   C a r a v a n

Ruth and I are off to Henley this eve for a long weekend. We haven’t had a holiday  on our own since our honeymoon so we are long over due.  We are going tdown to stay in my parents Caravan. Wehey we are the BIG spenders. I’m really  looking orwar to beingout of touch with technology and everyone even though i’ll prolly be having tinterweb withdrawl by friday night.

The plan is to read lots, walk lots, snuggle lots, chill-out lots and so on.

I cant wait….

…i wanna go home now….

can i finish work early please????

I’ve been inspired by a few of the blogs i read in how i write. I generally rant and dont eally say much with a point….i should stop doing that. Maybe i can keep the non-point material exclusive to tweets and make my blogs have some substance…. i bore myself.

Alpha & Twitting

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So this summer we are putting on another Alpha Course. If any one wants to ask questions and find out more about christianity. Hecklers with “difficult” questions welcome.

Tweeting- i am thinking that i need to do moe dev on the site to accomodate tweets!

cool stuff of the day

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This is cubcam in elephant poo. – Click the image for more – very cool


Blowing up stuff – THE MANLY WAY


Its bee a silly couple of weeks in that we are a bit run off our feet at work. We are working on a big proposal for a client and its all hands on deck. Stress levels are not really being kept in check.

In order to keep my sanity I have been looking at techy stuff inbetween bits and pieces. Please be warned I’m about t Geek out here for a moment.

I signed up to twitter a few months back in an attempt to figure out what it was about. It was only yeasterday when i downloaded Google Desktop andadded the Twitter gadget that i realised how one should use it.

Its all about how you use it. I was trying to undestand the concept of microblogging and just couldn’t get it.  You NEED a live interface to really get the benefits of it. Without a live interface you have to keep on opening up a browser , navigate to your page and then check it. With a ljve interfae you get the updates live andcan respond to the people you follwo live. – If youstill dt get it – i dont blame you – just try looking fo a tool that suits you.

The other cool thing has been the google desktop app. It’s actually quite a good tool as it ascts as a searchbar for both yur PC and the web and its right on the desktop or its hidden depending on how you set it up. I think its a very cool lil app.

Cool stuff I have been looking at

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I’ve been looking at lots of cool futuristicy type tings….