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What the Robinsons have been watching

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Watchmen - Movie

Watchmen - Movie

Watchmen – We went to see this l night an it was very very good. Despite not having read the graphic novel i still really enjoyed it.

Reviews had said it i a complicated story in a “Twin Peaks” sort of way. While it was certainly not your run-of-the-mill superheroes story it was incredibly dark and more complex than your usual batman/spiderman story.

One of the things i loved about it was some of the accurate violence. while it was intensely violent some of the scenes were “super-hero” over the top but others were very raw nd real.  This film isn’t afraid to show bones breaking and piercing skin.

I loved how the Dr Manhattan’s use of tele-kenisis was effortless. There was no strain – just an understanding of the laws governing matter and an ability to manipulate that. a step up from Peter Patrellies forced effort to move objects of size-able mass.

All the characters were really strong and well played. It was a 2 hour film where i didnt get bored in the last 45mins. All in all-  a surprisingly brilliant film.

Go see it but know that there is very VERY graphic violence


Jack: 24 - Season 7

Jack: 24 - Season 7

24 – Season 7 – Firstly i need to pay due respects to my wifey type person who, up until lat august had never watched 24 at all. She has managed to watch all of seasons 1-6 since then. We have just recently started watching season 7.

Actually – we watched Redemption first. I thought that was a bit…..wet. Now I dont wanna give away spoilers so forgive me if i’m vague here.

Generally I’m feeling really let down. The best word i can give to season 7, especially when you compare it to previous seasons, is: DULL! . It jus doesn’t have the same edginess and Jack instead of being our Hero feels like a bit of a loser to be honest. I think its down to the idea that he seems to be so far gone from being in touch with humanity.

It is still worth watchin just t see who’s back and in what context – yadda  yadda but be prepared to be disappointed.


Lost Season 4

Lost Season 4

Lost – Season 4: We hae a lovefilm account and this was on our list. I think we put it thee out of interest but not a keen desire to see it. Lost had become such a ridiculous series where the random and obscure just became too much. As a result i wasnt expecting too much from this.

BUT……I’m loving it! It seems the writers have learnt their lesson and have come round to the fact that too much randomness IS a bad thing. It has picked up nicely and the new developments blend themselves well in beginning to explain the complexities of the previous seasons’ random occurrences.

I would even say to those who got fed up with it and gave up – give it another go.

So far so good

Go watch it.


Heroes Season 3

Heroes Season 3

Heroes -Season 3: Thanks to the joys of BBC iplayer we have been able to keep up with Heroes.

Its still good fun but am waiting to see what develops with plot.

I want i to be good. I  am remembering back t that evening a few years ago when i  first watched it online and i watched 6 episodes back to back – got to bed at 5am.

Because of that initial realisation of amazingness i think i’ll always be a fan.




ER – Last Series: Ruth has always been of ER – i think any woman is. Any show thats responsible for delivering a heart-throb will always end up lovin said show.

Anyway – i have always been fond of it but i was never one to run home for it – mind you, these days that concept is almost extinct.

Anyway, again, this lt series has been really great. It was good seeing Mark Green appear earlier in the series as a taster.Can yo believe it has been going since 1994 with a remarkable 14 Seasons! – 14

minority report, a step closer…

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This is absolutely amazing! They are calling it a sixth sense i like to call it gesticular reaction. – You can make up your own term for it but mine will always be funnier.

This really is a step into the future – providing the recession doesn’t force us all into cannibalism.

1 down 60 to go…i hope

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That is 1 year of marriage.

Yesterday was our first anniversary.  Wow that’s another year that has flown by.  Having an anniversary as well is like having another benchmark for time. I usually have a good think about the past year on my birthday. I look at what i have achieved and what i have not. I think about what i wanna do better and what i did really well. Now i have anniversaries where i’m inclined to do the same thing.


So how’s it been? ………. AMAZING!

Being married is one of the best things. I cant believe people out there who things its bad. Ok fair enough we have on,ly been married a year but we have still had our trials and tribulations during that time and we have learnt alot about each other and about being married.

I have loved being married cause my wifey is the most amazing woman i have ever met. I love her dearly. I do really hope to have at least another 60 of these celebrations.

What did we do? Well on Sat we went to Oxford for the day. We went to a castle and wondered then went to dinner in the eve. it was really wonderful.

The cross in the road is “the cross in broad street” in Oxford town center.Between 1555 & 1556 three protestant bishops were burnt at the stake because they refused to become catholic. This is not a bash at catholicism. What is remarkable is that these men stood up for their faith and beliefs so strongly and wit such integrity that it cost them their lives. – That is amazing. It blows my mind.


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I was thinking about my workspace bein tidy as we hada major clean up last week. my desk wight now is a bit of a mess- as usual! But then it struck me that i have alot of monitors on the go here. Is this too many monitors or is this ok?

my desk at work

my desk at work

driving school

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Yesterday i attended Naught Boy’s Driving School aka a speed awareness course. I was caught by a camera doing 38 in a 40 zone. I thought it wasa 40 zone and i remember seeing he van parked up. It doesn’t matter as i was an idiot not realising it was a 30zone in the first place.

(img source)

As a result i am now NOT the stig but a safer driver. The course was informative and fair. Some of the people on it were  determined to prove their innocence notably a woman driving an M5 BMW and a bloke who drove an Alpha Romeo Brera – no surprises thee then.

We had a 3 hour theory session in a board room with 2 guys giving the presentation and about 20 of us who had been speedsters. That part  was painful. The presentation was great but arguing with them as to the definition of a cross-roads didnt help th mood. Yup it was Mrs. M5Driver.

The practical session was cool. We Had an Irish guy so off the bat it was a good tempered event. He observed our driving habits and commented on the bad bits then showed us how its done following it up with us applying his pointers.

All in all – it was quite good actually.

Must Have WordPress Plugins

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unpluggedI thoght i’d write up a post on my favorite plugins. I consider most of them to be must-haves but then I use the site i run in my own way where as others may use their sites in a differnet way.

Writing Tools

Media Tools

Making things easy Backend


General useful tools

Mobile / Email Blogging

Helpful Tools

The Weekend

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Jacob  (my nephew) the lil monster with a helmet on. The other pic is even more hilarious as he’s wearing his Dad’s trainers….as you do!



That was a great weekend. While it was packed out and I’m knackered after it, it was still great.

On Friday Ruth and I Had a much needed eve of nowt. We did nothing ad it was grand. Reminds me of the importance of just chilling out with my wife at home. It’s so good and if you dont do it enough…well start doing so.

Sat was spent at HTB on the Alpha UK Strategy Day which was amazing. Its when you go to things like this and realise how wide spread Christianity is it’s a real boost.

Also looks like I have decided to do the London to Brighton Bike Ride. On Sunday we moved Sarah out of the shed at my old flat and into its new home – my sisters garage. I’ll have easier access to it there and should be able to start riding again soon.


In the shed where she was stored for a year.


Brought outside for a wee breath


Settling in her new (more spacious) home

Also Y’day Ruth preached at chruch. It was possibly oneof the most difficult sermons asit was “LUST” and there was aheckler! Weyeh! She did really well and i was very proud of her.

it works

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I think i finally got this posting from the phone nailed now. The only thing is that it can only handle 1 image at a time but we shall see?

maybe the next version of WordPress will support this.

fatal error

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I keep getting fatal errors on the site when trying to upload photos. I manages to sort it so that i ca do a standard upload but i just cant get it to work with seding  a photo from the mobile whcih is most frustrating!

Pancakes – ooh look it’s Lent!

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Last night we invited my folks over to have pancakes for pancake Tuesday. Pancake day is what the day is know as by most people these days but what it actually is is Shrove Tuesday which is the day preceding the first day of Lent. Lent being that a period of 40days of fasting before Easter. We had a brilliant time with my parents and enjoyed much of the stogy joy that is pancakes.


After yesterdays outburst if feeling over whelmed i decided that i could probably do something simple about it. So I’ve decided to cull some of the news feeds during the Lent period. I may decide to do some other things to but i’ll figure that out later today.

No time No pace

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I seem to be running around trying to catch up on my news feeds. I’m also waaaay behind on whats heppening on face boo and i dont seem to have a blarney chance of seeing people either.

I have roughly about 40 subscriptions in my google reader page. I also have about 260 friends on my facebook account. I’m trying ti figure out when i am supposed to kee up with it all. Facebook is great – dont get me wrong but I a one of the few who find it a bit overwhelming when it comes tpo follwoing it.  It coul alost be a fulltime job monitoring faceboook.

Couple that with the rss news feeds (click here or here if you dont know what an rss feed is – they rock) its all a bbit too much. How am i supposed to do my job aswell!


Here’s a list of the sites i subscribe to….if you were interested.

How I deal with anger…

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Anger Management

See when I get myself into one of those discussions where it is quite heated my instinct wants to punch the other person in then ear.

Then i realise that, that wouldn’t be right so maybe i could just give them a god thump,

then i realise that also aint a good thing to do so

maybe i could throw something across te room in anger

then i realise that that will prolly resuklt in something getting broken

then i breath…

Anger is such a fickle thing most of the time. Rarely is it ever righteous.  Today we live in a society where “Anger Management Courses” are being prescribed left right and center. I should say that its good that the issue is being identified as we have seen the results in the past decades where it has gone untreated.

Its a sad thing though that as humans we have this thing inside us that is inherently bad for us. Most times i have very been angry its been over a stupid level on a computer game, or a driver who doesn’t move off from the lights in the time I expect him to. And thats where its worst – our expectations. We  let our tempers flare wildey when they are not met. We are so quick to jump down the throat of someone quite innocent because  the have not met the, often impossible to meet, expectation that we have created.

So next time you’re a bit miffed with someone – ask yourself  if its justified.


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Have some photos of stuff i found today.