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Friday: 09:00am – 11:45pm

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Tuesday: 09:30am – 11:30pm

Needless to say, I am a tired tired boy!  – We’ve had a very last minute job come up and i left the clients office at 11:30 last night. It was a tricky one but it’s done now.


I am so so soooo Tired :shock:

Christianity is dull, boring and frumpy?

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Before i became a christian i used to often think that Christianity was dull, frumpy and boring. I quickly realized that this was soooo far from he case. Yes there are some people out there who prefer a slower paced style of practising relgion which is absolutely fine. BUT there are people out there who live dynamic lives who make a difference in the name of Jesus.

27-7 shorts (which is part of the 24-7 Prayer movement – an idea of having prayer rooms in different cities that have prayer going on 24-7) is a website with a bunch of movies about Christians doing some amazing things and they are sooooo far from being frumpy/dull/boring. This is the kind of stuff I’d love to get into. Here are a few (MP4 Format):

[flv width=”420″ height=”265″][/flv] Prayer as Mission

[flv width=”420″ height=”265″][/flv] Prayer as Justice [flv width=”420″ height=”265″][/flv] Prayer as Community [flv width=”420″ height=”265″][/flv] Prayer as a Movement

10 Blogging commandments

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1. You shall not put your blog before your integrity.

2. You shall not make an idol of your blog.

3. You shall not misuse your screen name by using your anonymity to sin.

4. Remember the Sabbath day by taking one day off a week from your blog.

5. Honour your fellow-bloggers above yourselves and do not give undue significance to their mistakes.

6. You shall not murder someone else’s honour, reputation or feelings.

7. You shall not use the web to commit or permit adultery in your mind.

8. You shall not steal another person’s content.

9. You shall not give false testimony against your fellow-blogger.

10. You shall not covet your neighbour’s blog ranking. Be content with your own content.

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new design yay

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wasn’t 100% happy with the last design, the protrait one, It didnt feel me. It was far too serious but was born from using my new lens so there ya go.

Have tyhis shiney new one instead.!

Quantum of Something

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 Last night, my gorgeous wifey and i decided to go and see Quantum of Solace after church. Now before i commence this rant i have o say we both loved it. The film is a great Bond movie. I can understand why it has gotten some bad reviews but i think that’s just plain narrow-mindedness. For a film legacy to continue it must evolve. This is not the tongue and cheek type of film we used to know in the days of Connery and Moore. No Craig plays a very sinister Bad Ass MoFo of an agent who makes the guys from “Spooks” look like sissys.


Every single shot was beautifully crafted but the story line left me wanting a little bit more and not in a satisfied “cant wait for the next one” kind of way. It felt a bit too much like it was focusing on Bonds bereavements rather than ass woopin. That said, it’s still really really great. I still miss not seeing “Q” ad cant wait for when they do introduce him, if ever.

THE RANT BIT What annoyed me the most as this: I had managed to not read any reviews or see any trailers for he movie. I wanted my eyes to be un-tainted and virginal to this film. They were when we walked into the cinema. BUT  then they started with th ads. There were about 15 mins of ads from watches to computer games based around the movie and very single one showed footage from the film. WHAT IDIOT DIDNT THINK THIS ONE THROUGH. They may as well have shown the whole movie in a 10 Min promo. Ok ok, so it wasn’t that bad but it did severely annoy me.

Be warned! Spoilers in the adverts!

Other Things:

On Sat wifey and I went to Littlehampton on Sat. It rained alot but we had a good time walking down the beach and having tea in the tea-rooms/arcade – an interesting mix yes!





The fish head was weird. The drive home was horrible as the rain was chucking it down and was no fun to deal with.

Other photos include Dan (the singer and my cameraman fr the day)with his feat of snow prowess..

and some pretty autumnal leaves.

Also – I’ve created a VIMEO page. YouTube is becomming a pain, The quality is rubbish and it takes hours to upload to so there you have it.

are we back?

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Hope so.

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hacked off

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a day that should have been spent watchin telly and doin nowt with the wife turned into an epic save the website from a hacker – CRETIN!

All my photos gone too! – GRRRRR


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They say that when you get older you will start to see a tendency for your body to slow down. This is when you start growing hair in places like your nose and ears and another thing is that you may start putting on weight a little easier.

I’ve been 30 only a few days now and its already started. The last 2 nights in a row the waistband of my jeans felt tight. I’ve been noticing a bulge around my belly. Quickly realising that i wasn’t pregnant i thought it may be the marriage weight gain which i attribute not to weight gain but more to stomach muscle relaxation which results in a slight protrusion.

What i question is,  was always unaware that i had been sucking it in ever so slightly? I know i was no fat bastard – I’ve always been captain skinny, its just a bit of a shock to realize that even I can put on some weight and grow a belly. I think it really is time to get the bike out of Carolyn’s shed.

sexy wifey

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She is mine and i love her.

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