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Just how big is God then?

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This dude called Louis Giglio preaches in Houston about the greatness of God – This is pretty amazing.

This is nuts!

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I’m not really all that interested in yoyoing but this guyhas some stupid skills…

widescreen img css properties

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If anyone knows how to correct the image shift that’s happening to the BG image on this site when its on a widescreen macine i’d be happy to find out a solution.

This is how the site looks on a widescreen screen sch as the laptop I’m using now or my Widescreen tv at home:


And this is how it looks on a standard screen:

If anyone has a clue how to stop the widescreens from cutting off my nose I’d appreciate he help.

New Design – YAY

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I’ve been wanting to create a new design for the site for quite some time. While there is nothing wrong with the last one i just fancied a change and the last two attempts were a bit pants. But THEN!!!!!! My wonderful amazing bro bought me a new lens for my camera. Its a 1.7f and the BG on this design is a photo he took of me while testing it out.I will add a small gallery below of photos I’ve taken with it.

This weekend has been great if a bit full. I say that sitting here on Sunday with nothing to do – OK so Friday was very full and yesterday was potentially but then not. On Friday I had an intense day with a Big client in from lunch till end of play. Then I had to get a train back to London to go out to dinner with some friends for Meena’s Birthday. We went to Pizza Express in Soho. Ruth and i then left the others to an eve of Jazz and hopped back on the train to go to Dan’s Birthday bash which was really great. We left Hemel after midnight so had a nice long lie in on Sat. In the afternoon we decided to go to “The Bunny Park” in West London which turned out to be quite pathetic. I mean, for one, there were no bunnies!!! Ruth and I had a nice chilled afternoon and then we came home, barbecued and watched more 24 (for those who wanna know, Ruth has finally started watching Season 1 of 24 and she’s lovin it)

So far its been a great weekend. Now I have to go clean the bathroom, then have lunch, then pick up and amp for church then actually go to church and we’ll see how it plays out from there….

at work

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I am at work.

Its late.

It’s not nice having to work late.

I have hunger.

I am bored.

I wanna in home.

This edit is boring me now.

This edit is important.

This work is good.

I love my job.

This was done on an N95 – 8GB.-


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The heat is on. Am feeling a wee bit stressed with work as we have so much =on right now.

it is manageable but the next few weeks are gonna be intense!


This was done on an N95 – 8GB

chocness yum

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My amazing wife made soup and i just finished it. It was delicious! I just =went to get some chocolate to chase it down. Aint had a good choc fix in a =while.

In other news. At work we finished the filming for a =project i’m directing at work. It all went so well it was great. Now am =down to editing.

Its time to say goodbye to the mazda. The insurance =agent wrote it off. I will miss that car. It has been alot of fun to drive. =And huge thanks go to my bro for letting me use her for the last 2 years. =

This was done on an N95 – 8GB