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Here i sit on the couch of my lovely woman contemplating life and i keep asking myself – where is my career going? What is it doing? Where do I want it to go? What would i like to do? What am I suited for! Yes some full on shizzle be goin on in me noggin! Time to get ma think on!

I see that being proud about my carreer has gottenm me no-where so i must submit to the fact that my job is not working out for me. It must change! If i am to go on with my life and truly leave the nastiness that was the past few years behind i must sort my job out. I jus aint found it yet!


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So i have not been posting alot. In fact i have not being doing much of anything on this as of late. The last 6-8 weeks have been pretty full on. Ive been a busy boy and as usual a broke boy.

Stuff i been thinking of:

Do i change it or seriously look at how to fix my career one last time. While i love the work i do its not good being broke all the time.

If i change it what would i do? What are my skills? what do i like? what would i like to do? what would it be like workin for someone else?

I have not seen some of my friends in a stupidly loooong time!!!! Missing them now lots – i will arrange summat.

This weekend is gonna be full on especially driving Angies car to glasgow!

I can run! no really – since giving up smoking i no longer cough up a lung when i run.

bills suck.

oh bollocks!

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So I have not been paid yet and its getting stupid again!

Looks like the whole of the outstanding council tax is gonna have to be paid by me – its only about £1000.

The insurance docs for the car still not come through.

Oh and Tom’s car was towed cause of tax which means some t****r on my street called the DVLA!

 Yay and joy! – Me not liking this!

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I aint lazy – jus busy

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Yeah its been pretty busy over the last few weeks.

 I went to Devon with Ruth ad did the meet tha parents thing – went very well indeed and we had an ace time.

did some other stuff too – i will update this later on….

Yesterday a few of us went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen and it has put me off burhers for a while. I spent £18 on my meal and the burger was awful. I ordered one with blue cheese and garlic mayo. Now one would expect that they might warn you that ordering clue cheese and garlic mayo would produce one very difficult and messy burger -it was impossible to pick the damn thing up without causeing more mess!

I ended up being ill – overloaded with blue cheese! – Damn those pesky cheesy bits!


Have a randon image:

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lucky to be alive…..

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Yes – I am a very very lucky man as I should/could have been killed on Sat afternoon. So there i was cruisin down the M4 towards Bristol on my way to meet up with Kev & Toni. It was a horrible day for weather as the april showers had appearred a month later. At around 5:20 ish I hit one very very torrential downpour which made the car aquaplane. I’ve done a lil video of what happened.

With how wet it was and how busy the road was – I am so so VERY VERY lucky!


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 Google Map of the location