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I really do not know what the a**e i am doing when it comes to databases and stuff in web design.

I know what they can do but how they work or how to make em work?????

Damn you WordPress Photo Gallery damn you!

new styles

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been working on some new styles/themes for the site.

Some are cool some are crap and some are well…..

I have just coped others work and made them my own!

Yay Me











Acton Rides

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So Yesterday I went for a ride. Shockingly it was the first ride of the year!I feel ashamed to admit that but it was ace to be back in the saddle. I only did about 5 miles along the canals bt as i said it was great.

A week of moving, the fuzz, sorting stuff and the frustration of it all!!!

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Soooooooooo! I’ve been living here for a week and i have to admit; its been a stressful but also wicked week. The frustrations have been: the unpacking and finding space for stuff, the police and missing ruth. The wicked bits being, my new house mates and living in a nicer house.

 The Move: I started moving sat a week ago. On Sat morn I drove round to the new place and met my brother in law andrew. We then picked up his brothers Ford Galaxy – we needed that for the big stuff. We shot back and loaded my desk, the TV and the tv table. After closing the door on his finger Andrew decided we should have a cheeky pint at his rugby club which was enroute. We had a swift one and watched the kickoff of the aftrnoons game. The rest of the day was spent assembling the desk and figuring out where the hell to put everything. After I got that sorted I went back to the house and did a couple of runs in my brother’s car. Here is a really big tip. Trying to move house in a 2 seater mazda MX5 is not adviseable.

Sunday was mostly spent moving stuff in said mazda. When you try it is impressive how much you can stuff in to such a small car. It did help that it was a nice sunny day so i was able to pop the roof down and pile it up. On Monday I spent most of the day cleaning the old place. That was ALOT of work. It was a huge reminder of how disgusting that place was. I spent all day there from about 10am till after midnight cleaning and even then i didnt get it all done. I helped the boys move to their new place too but that didnt take too long. Teusday was the final day. I went round forst thing and my Mom also drove over so i could fill their car with the last few boxes. I finished up the cleaning then called the estate agent and Peter came over and did the final check. All I had left was a chair and my bike so I put the chair on the passenger seat and stuffed the bike behind the seats. Although it did start to spit raining a little I couldnt do anything about it (the roof on the car was down again) so I left South Ealing Road for the last time. That was it. Living in Living in 127 was finally over.

The Fuzz: I then had an experience with the fuzz! Picture the scene. I’m driving through acton in a pretty beat up convertable with the roof down in the rain with a bike sticking out the top! Yeah, I’d pull me over too and that is what the Fuzz thought. It was all quite amusing in how it played out. So they pull me over and by they i mena the huge mercedes police van that had 8 of them in it. They ask me to step out of the car. I admit to it not being my car and so they ask me for ID and do I have my wallet on me? Of course not. They ask where i am going and where i live and i explain about moving house and all that. So they ask if they can talk to the owner of the car so I call my dear brother. While speaking to him another onn asks if there’s anything in the car that shouldnt be in there and i say not at all. Its all clear and i tell them to feel free to have a look. At this stage i was fine when Mr. Bad cop says i appear to be very nervous and is there anything i’ve got to be nervouse about. I say not at all and we continue. Then they find John Paul’s Liscence in my jacket. While I had been cleaning I found it behinmd his desk so i picked it up for him assuming he’d need it.

So I am driving someone elses car with the roof down, in the rain, with no ID on me and someone elses driving liscence on me. It wasn’t looking good. Bad cop asks why i am nervous again and at this stage i am still fine and i say that i’m still fine and not to worry. He then asks if he can search my person and again asks if i have anything on my person i shouldn’t have and again i say no not at all. While i had been cleaning i had picked up various bits of rubbish while hoovering and one of those was a small ziplock bag. You know the kind that could easily be percieved as being a baggie for drugs. It was of course empty but when the police man pulled it out of my pocket he was full of questions. – Really this did not look good at all at this stage.

So next the Sargent wants proof of ID. Luckily I was 2 streets away from my new home. Had I not been they said they would have arrested me. Also they did their checks on the database and i was not being shown on the insurance database. My dear brother had forgotten to renew me on the policy. OUCH! So two of the fuzz boys walk round to my place with me to find some ID. It’s here that they see I have just moved in and i was unable to find any picture ID of any sort. They were very cool abaout it as there was some mail for me and i had various scraps of stuff around which was proof enough for them to prove i was who i said i was.

When we returned to the car they had comfirmed i was not on the insurance and so issued me with a penalty notice and i have to go down on tuesday to produce my documents. I of course have not been able to find my liscence so I am a little worried. I dont know if i will get the full 6 points or if i show that i am now on the insurance if they will let nme off completely but its worrying all the same. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.!!! – At least is happened on my last trip.

Sortin Stuff: So now I am all moved in. The whole week has been full of sorting through stuff and getting my setup all working. Its been good but frustrating all at the same time. The only real hicup was one of my twin monitors died. I am not happy with that. Gonna look into flatties soon.

 So Its been a hectic full week. Its almost over now. Ruth is back. Jus gotta do a few final things and i’ll be set!!!!

Moving and Fast Indians

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So this is prolly gonna be the last post i write living at 127. I started this website while i was living here and the end of an era has come. 127 has been an experience. I have alot of memories from this place. Some good some bad. The last year was a difficult one. As you know it was fraught with financial and emotional heartache. I now find myself in a much better place and moving to a better place.

Things I have done here and memories of this place:

  • Started web design
  • internet dating
  • made new friends
  • lived with some GREAT friends
  • lived with some very difficult people
  • lived with some gay people (oooh matron)
  • Party Party 127
  • Poker Poker 127
  • and of course “Vive le 127”
  • I’ve grown wiser.
  • I’ve become a better, stronger person.
  • become a better editor
  • had some really stupid chats whilst intoxicated
  • eaten alot of terrible food.
  • became a smoothie king
  • made some great soups
  • become a better cook
  • had a couple of Christmas dinners
  • gotten into Vodka
  • stopped riding my bike as much as i’d like
  • wasted alot of time
  • i.e. become really good at procrastination.
  • built several custom PC’s
  • been challenged by my friends
  • realised the importance of friendship and family
  • been a bad friend
  • been a bad brother and son
  • BUT turned those around and become a better son and brother and hopefully a better friend
  • changed my own outlook on life
  • felt worthless
  • then realised my worth
  • went freelance
  • made alot of stupid silly videos
  • taken controll of my life
  • Laughed a stupid amount
  • been very depressed at times
  • met Ruth
  • reconnected with God

There are many others, all in all, I look back on this place with mixed feelings. The good times should outweigh the bad ones but it does not work out that way. Its quite evenly spaced really. Why is it that human nature makes us remeber the bad stuff more easily then the good stuff? Why are negative thoughts more memorable than positive ones? Why is pain more memorable than love? Maybe its just been my situation has been full of s**ttyness. I’m leaving all that behind though. Cue Cliche! I’m starting a whole new chapter in my life and its looking really really good.

I cant remember if i said anything about the new place so forgive me if i repeat myself. I’m moving to Acton. Oh yes! The Urban Paradise that is Acton. I chose Acton because of family. But it gets really weird but cool. The house I am moving into is directly opposite my sister Angie’s place. My parents are at the top of the street and an added bonus is that Ruth lives at the bottom of the street. Where it gets really weird is that both my sisters have previously lived in this house! Its strange! I’m moving in with some cool people too so overall its gonna be wicked despite the room being considerably smaller. I’m looking forward to it! I move on Sat.

So Fast Indians? I watched the movie “The Worlds Fastest Indian” this eve. Its a bit of a dull movie but great for a late night loose yourself in a movie escapade. Its a basic story of you can do anythjiing you set your mind to. I really enjoyed it.

Ruth is away in Canada for 2 weeks and i miss her dearly. It’ll be ace though when she’s back as she’ll be a 30 second walk away! Snarf!


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so i go around alot of the time having no work! Now i am running myself into the ground wit this tesco job.

In the last week I’ve had an average of 3 hours sleep each night, driven over 750 miles, spent an obscene amount of time infront of my screeen, eaten alot of crappie food and smoked a stupid amount of cigaretts!

I am tired

Work work work

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So the last few days have been manic and even as I write this i think to myself that I shouldn’t be soingso as I have faaaaar too much to do for the morning.

On Thursday afternoon I left for South Wales. I did the jorney in good time despite forgetting to have cash on me for the Severn Bridge toll. I arrived up there and met my colleague Liz and the camera man at the Tesco Depot at 4:45. Our Tesco contact arrived shortly after and we sat down and discussed what we would shoot the following day. We then went and did a quick recce of the depots to have a better idea as to what we would see and do.

Up at 6:30am and down at The Depot for 6:30. This day was a much much better than Teusday’s. The people here were just far more willing to help and so it made the whole day alot easier. It was a very very very long and full day and when we finished at 7:15pm I was not looking forward to the drive home. However I managed it in better time than i thought and i picked up Ruth and we went straight into Bob’s Oxfam store for his comedy night which was pretty good. We didnt stay too long as at that point tiredness was really kicking me in the teeth so I brought Ruth home and then went home to bed.

Sat was spent digitizing the 8 hours of footage we shot. This was a bit mind numbingly dull but i got it done by around 6:30. I ate and startdd some of the small bits i wanted to do before today. Later on i nipped over to Acton to attempt joining in the Paddy’s day festivities but again had the same culprit kicking my teeth along with the evenings work hanging over me. So I went back home and finished off the main bits i wanted done for today. I got to bed at 5am.

Today so far has been good. I have to have a rough draft of the edit done for the morning. Yup thats alot of pressure but I am on track i think. I just need to keep track of the whole message and make sure the draft is coherent and shows off what the video is suposed to do. The pic above is a wee screen grab which i though was quite cool so there ya go!

That is all!

Tesco & Fridges

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So Yesterday I did a shoot with My brother for Tesco. We went up to their fresh foods distrobution plant in Peterborough leaving here at 6:30am and arriving there at 9:15am – traffic was s**tty! What Tom forgot about was that this warehouse is a refriderated unit. Basically its a big fridge! Did we have warm clothes? No – of course not. We did both bring coats despite the weather being glorious. It was a looong cold day but we got through it all the same.

NOw I have to start the edit even though we need to do another shoot. I am waiting to here back from the PRE lot as to when we will do that be it tomorrow or Friday. As my bro is away will be using a diff camera man. Should be all good though.

Outlook schmoutfook

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So i spent the best part of 3 hours this afternoon tidying up my outlook contacts. Getting consistency amongst them and then outlook decided to crash and i lost em all – Back to square one with the back up – I am not impressed!

a good day

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Today was a good day! in fact the whole weekend was a good weekend.

Friday I spent the day with Ruth. We went and walked Mitsu (the wonder dog) in Gunnersbury Park, then had some lunch. We watched a biot of TV and then headed back to Acton so Ruth could change and i could go see my Mom – it was the annaversary of the death of her sister Valerie. Man its amazing how quick the year went by. As cliched as it sounds it does feel like yesterday when we were there.

After this we headed down to Twickenham and saw Jimmer as it was his Birthday. We saw all the Czecks which was ace but I couldnt drink cause i was driving so was a lil difficult to get into the swing of things but it was ace al the same.

Sat morning i woke at 9am and headed over to Acton whwere I took part in the new Acton Market. The church i go to had a stall there giving away free tea and coffee and choccie things. I was manning the stall all day and it was ace. It reminded me of my early Waffel Wagon days when i worked the stall on Portabello Road. – Oh the memories. It was a really ace day if a lil knackering. Its been a while since i spent the day on my feet.

Sat eve was Carolyns Birthday hoohaa in acton. Carolyn is one of the girls i shall be living with when I move. Ther was a big bunch of people there and it was great. Again i was not drinking due to driving. I suppose its good though cause OJ and Lemonade is considerably cheaper than beer cider or vodka.

Today was good. The video in the previous post was used during the service of the church i go to as per the request of the Vicar. It went down a storm which was ace.

To those of you wondering – Yes I have been going to church! And NO its not cause of Ruth. I sarted going to church last November/December and it is where i met her but its been a really good experience. All this God stuff is nothing of what i thought it was made out to be. Its actually quite cool really.

Anyway when i drove over today i threw the roof down on the car and had the sun blazing down on me! It’s gonna be a wicked summer this year – i cant wait!

dinner & life in general

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I’ve been keepin quiet last few days cause i’ve been pretty stressed out over a couple of things but they seem to be sorting themselves out. This eve I had the pleasure of a beautiful woman buying me dinner. Ruth got paid today and so took me to her local indian restraunt in Acton. I am now feeling very very stuffed indeed. We had a very nice bit of nosh. She’s a brillinat woman.

Life is going pretty well these days. I’m generally feeling quite happy. Not just becuase of Ruth but in everything. While its still a big struggle with work and all that, its jus better. My attitudes to alot of things have changed.


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So very very bored! The only thing of interest which isn’t very interesting is the fact that this pic is numer 999 on my phone so the next picture will be the 1000th image i have snapped! I dont quite know if my phone will blow up or if it will crash or if nothing at all willl happen. Willl the numbers go back to zero or just keep going???? I just dont know!!!!

I decided to try it and the image below is picture 1000!!!! God I just realised that I am celebrating the snapping of a photo on a phon – what a geek have I become…….