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Tesco & Fridges

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So Yesterday I did a shoot with My brother for Tesco. We went up to their fresh foods distrobution plant in Peterborough leaving here at 6:30am and arriving there at 9:15am – traffic was s**tty! What Tom forgot about was that this warehouse is a refriderated unit. Basically its a big fridge! Did we have warm clothes? No – of course not. We did both bring coats despite the weather being glorious. It was a looong cold day but we got through it all the same.

NOw I have to start the edit even though we need to do another shoot. I am waiting to here back from the PRE lot as to when we will do that be it tomorrow or Friday. As my bro is away will be using a diff camera man. Should be all good though.

Outlook schmoutfook

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So i spent the best part of 3 hours this afternoon tidying up my outlook contacts. Getting consistency amongst them and then outlook decided to crash and i lost em all – Back to square one with the back up – I am not impressed!

a good day

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Today was a good day! in fact the whole weekend was a good weekend.

Friday I spent the day with Ruth. We went and walked Mitsu (the wonder dog) in Gunnersbury Park, then had some lunch. We watched a biot of TV and then headed back to Acton so Ruth could change and i could go see my Mom – it was the annaversary of the death of her sister Valerie. Man its amazing how quick the year went by. As cliched as it sounds it does feel like yesterday when we were there.

After this we headed down to Twickenham and saw Jimmer as it was his Birthday. We saw all the Czecks which was ace but I couldnt drink cause i was driving so was a lil difficult to get into the swing of things but it was ace al the same.

Sat morning i woke at 9am and headed over to Acton whwere I took part in the new Acton Market. The church i go to had a stall there giving away free tea and coffee and choccie things. I was manning the stall all day and it was ace. It reminded me of my early Waffel Wagon days when i worked the stall on Portabello Road. – Oh the memories. It was a really ace day if a lil knackering. Its been a while since i spent the day on my feet.

Sat eve was Carolyns Birthday hoohaa in acton. Carolyn is one of the girls i shall be living with when I move. Ther was a big bunch of people there and it was great. Again i was not drinking due to driving. I suppose its good though cause OJ and Lemonade is considerably cheaper than beer cider or vodka.

Today was good. The video in the previous post was used during the service of the church i go to as per the request of the Vicar. It went down a storm which was ace.

To those of you wondering – Yes I have been going to church! And NO its not cause of Ruth. I sarted going to church last November/December and it is where i met her but its been a really good experience. All this God stuff is nothing of what i thought it was made out to be. Its actually quite cool really.

Anyway when i drove over today i threw the roof down on the car and had the sun blazing down on me! It’s gonna be a wicked summer this year – i cant wait!

dinner & life in general

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I’ve been keepin quiet last few days cause i’ve been pretty stressed out over a couple of things but they seem to be sorting themselves out. This eve I had the pleasure of a beautiful woman buying me dinner. Ruth got paid today and so took me to her local indian restraunt in Acton. I am now feeling very very stuffed indeed. We had a very nice bit of nosh. She’s a brillinat woman.

Life is going pretty well these days. I’m generally feeling quite happy. Not just becuase of Ruth but in everything. While its still a big struggle with work and all that, its jus better. My attitudes to alot of things have changed.


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So very very bored! The only thing of interest which isn’t very interesting is the fact that this pic is numer 999 on my phone so the next picture will be the 1000th image i have snapped! I dont quite know if my phone will blow up or if it will crash or if nothing at all willl happen. Willl the numbers go back to zero or just keep going???? I just dont know!!!!

I decided to try it and the image below is picture 1000!!!! God I just realised that I am celebrating the snapping of a photo on a phon – what a geek have I become…….


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So this eve I went to see “the persuit of happiness” with my sister. It was………gooood if a little slow. In fact it was very slow. It was quite a moving story that one can identify with easily but it lacked a kick to it. The final resolve to the film didnt make up for the depression i was drawn into and i left feeling really down and depressed actually.

I cant help but think it woould have been better if they had used an unknown actor. Will Smith jus didnt really suit the profile when you remember the Fresh Prince days. A good DVD rental but not worth the cinema experience.

Also got to see my Ruth which was kewl!


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So it’s official now. Last week I gave the go ahead to some friends over in Acton that I would move in to their place. 127 has served me well. Party Party 127, Poker Poker 127, Vive le 127 and many other parties get togethers were had but alas time must go on and one must advance one life and turn different corners. My corner is the exotic borough of “Acton”!! Some of you may ask why!!!! Well when the decision was made to move I immediately thought of Acton cause of me Sis and my oldies. 2 days after in a chance conversation some friend s told me they needed a new house mate so it seems to be working out. It jus so happens that ma girly lives jus down the street to so it’s a double bonus. What’s really weird is the fact that the house I will be moving into is the same house both my sisters have previously lived in! Tis MENTAL! That is like some weird kind of psychological thriller movie but less the death and misery and general horribleness! 

 Anyway – It’s on and I’m looking forward to it! It’ll be sad to part “living” company with JP but I aint worried. I am really looking forward to it quite alot! Woot woot. Good bye huge massive room with convenient 24 hour store directly opposite and tube 30 seconds away – hello Acton!  

Hot Fuzz

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We went to see this last night! It was excellent! It didnt quite have the consistent laughs as Shaun of the Dead but it was still stupidly funny. There were some parts that were just a little slow and others where it was cheap comedy. I know thats what they do best but they’ve always been good with holding back gags for the sake of cracking one but in this there were a few that didnt work for me. It is well worth watching though and i recommend it highly!

Bargains Baby Yeah!

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So I was having a discussion on one of the video forum sites i moderate about how ebay has lost its appeal. It seems that the days are gone where you can find great deals. New items tend to go for more than their regular retail prices and second hand stuff tends to go for only 90% of their retail new prices. This is a bit rubbish!

Last night i was watching the gadget show and they featured a website called FatFingers: This site is excellent. Basically what it does is it looks on ebay for misspelt items. These often have very few bids abnd often get missed. It is very much worth a gander

Love me tender….

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This morning i find my arms tender and sore. While yesterdays move with Tom went very smoothly it was very hard work and i find my arms is sore innit! The woman in the Van turned up at around 11am and we packed the van. Tom’s mate Gary gave us a hand so it went well with only a cumbersome couch proving to be a bit of a pain to shift.

At the other end it was only the Van lady and me and my bro so it took us a lil longer and a bit more effort but we got there in the end. I did manage to screw my left arm by grabbing an over ambitious  box. I had a wobble resulting in all the weight going on my left arm and i think i must have pulled summat as i lost any movement over my shoulder in that arm for the rest of the day. It feels better now but not 100%.

After this i popped over to Acton to do the church thing which was nice. We then went to the pub and then on to Ruth’s. She got a new Telly! I had to sort it out for her to get it all plumed into her setup at home but it was peasy! We then watched Lost with Carolyn & Abbie. – Generally an altogether good day.

This morning I woke at 7:15am…….on purpose too! IKerry called me at 7:30 and arrived 10 mins later with Mitsu. I am looking after this beheamoth Puppy during the days this week for Herself and Tosh as Tosh is away Snowboarding. It should be fun!