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Gonna get me some chicken….

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WEBMASTERS NOTE: I do apologise for the offending graphic that appeared here earlier today. I did promise that I would keep the sickening lovey dovey crap to a limit, hence the image has been removed.

I have been having a really really great weekend. Now to those of you who have accused me of being a soppy git….I DON’T CARE!!! No sorry really I am trying to restrain myself but when u got it this good you do wanna shout it from the roof tops and this is my rooftop baby!

Twas a busy week with most of it spent down at Ministry. Friday I was at home and caught up on a loot of stuff I needed to get sorted. Also the Princess came round. She took the day off work as she’s ill and I looked after her supplying her with a TV for DVD’s and lots of cups of lemon/honey based hot drinks for her cold. Last night we went down to Teddington to a house party of one of her friends. They all a cool bunch. We didn’t stay too long due to illness but it was a cool party all the same. I felt old. I think I probably was the oldest one there. Its funny really – this complex of mine. It’s not like it matters but it does crop up in my thoughts. I should really think of my bro in law and jimmy they gonna be 30 this year – HA HA HA HA HA.

Right now I’m hungry so gonna go Nandos…..

Time passes so…

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Man! 11 years!!! That’s a long time! 2 of the strongest memories I have are waving to my Sister and Brother as we drove on to the ferry. That was very very sad and then the other is the long drive down to Kent from Holyhead. I was 16.

It’s astonishing when I realise that so much time has passed since then. I remember it all as if it were yesterday. Its impossible to think who I would be now if we hadn’t left the country…… me’s gonna be doing alotta reminiscing today.


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Some of my readership have commented that I am in the “sickening throws ” of a new thing and it its more than apparent with those feelings of bliss flooding these very pages. To you who have witnessed this I apologise for the soppy threads coursing through me. I just cant help it. I’m always honest & open on this blog so this is what you getting. As twinklydave said Matt will be grumbling bout xmas very soon so for the opposite stream you could always go on over there.

Poker was good tonight – I won 2 1/2 times my initial investment. Not bad going in my books at all. The day today was long and busy. Was down at Ministry, was there yesterday and am there tomorrow again. All good. Am off to see the new Harry Potter movie tomorrow eve with Princess. Lets see if it will be any good!!!

cassius platipus

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Had Cassie’s party last night and I got really mashed. Was not a good mashed either. It was a difficult one as I found it hard to just enjoy the party. Feel like absolute pants right now. Need to sleep and eat.

Need to re-educate myself in music

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What a fabulous night – I picked the princess up at Knightsbridge and we rolled round the corner to Wagamamas where she ate the below dish. It was a prawn curry type thing. Not my taste but she liked it. I had a noodly type affair. Then we went to see a play whom her friend was directing and I was actually very impressed for such a low budget production. The play was the infamous “An Inspector Calls”. It was a really nice night and she is generally lovely in every possible way.

I have been realising over the past month or so that I really need to re-educate my self in music. Over 90% of my music collection is dance based. I am now working on this.


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Ok so was supposed to have the date with Princess Jasmine but it was tooo cold so we came back to mine and wathced a movie. So We haven’t had our first date yet but we have had 3 sort of predate meetings. – I’m a very happy happy man. She’s lovely. Thanks to all who helped in the video.

It’s aaaaall good!

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I just had one of the best days I’ve had in a good while. You know the way when you’re in a good mood and you get a great tune in your head that you end up singing, humming and whistling to yourself all evening. Well today it was “I Feel Good” by James Brown………YYYYEEEEOOOOWWW!! This is all thanks to a wonderful afternoon with a princess.

Had a good poker night too. Everyone was playing well although I did make a couple of really stupid mistakes. I possibly could have one the game but I gave it up to Bob near the end by going all in with £6 on a £2 a head game. Oh well. Was a great game though!!!

winter beauty

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click the thumbs:

Had quite a nice day today. I got up at around 8.30am after a crappie nights sleep. I had a lovely long shower the sorted out some laundry. Started researching CSS and found a few really good sites with good tutorials.



Then I went round to my brothers. On the way over there I passed through Llamas Park and it was beautiful. I had my camera on me so I took the above pics. Tom and I then went up to Ealing. We strolled around a bit, popped in to say hello to Bob and then he bought me some dinner. We played a few games of pool then he dropped me home. – Nice.

Lazin on a sunny afternoon….

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Ok not lazin at all really. I put in a few hours on the mediachill site. I hadn’t done the production page yet and I wanted to get it sorted. I also developed a client login page. Very simple javascript based but it works and looks good. I rreally have to source soem more work. I need to get some cash flow going otherwise I might find myself living on baked beans. I’m gonna finish developing the site tomorrow and will be sorting other stuff with my brother. Then we can really start to market mediachill.

Went to my parents for dinner this eve which was nice. Had a good old chat with them. They bought themselves a freeview box. Although my dad was very happy with himself I did have to show them how to use it. I walked all the way over to Acton and it wasn’t too bad. I had my yunes plain on the phone so had a beat to match. It only took 35 mins. I am really missing the ped now. I havn’t heard anything from the police. It troubles me so. Hopefully will be purchasing a replacment this week or next weekend. We will see. I’m feelin a bit fed up today. The ped gone, not much work on, waiting for cash to come in…’s a bit pants really. This week is gonna be good at least. Gots me some tings to look forward to….


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Just back home – it’s 715pm and MY GOOD GOD its cold!!! It’s just seemed to have happened this week. Anyway – am tired so that’s it for now.

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Where has all the time gone today – had a load of things I was planning to do and it’s now almost 5:30. Oh well! – Gonna plonk myself in front of the telly tonight. Have a beer and watch some DVD’s.


Right just been playing with the features on the server and I now have my own new feedback page – go on – try it out.

overhaul needed

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Right I need a complete overhaul in this site – the plan is to create a new design concept for the whole thing and learn PHP. That way All my entries will be searchable and sortable, I’ll also be able to use my own comments page instead of the crappie baseportal one which is…..pants really. The redesign is needed as I wanna add scrobbler rss feeds and the like and basically get the whole site to be more advanced all the while improving my web skills. Nick called me today offering me some web work but it was php based so had to turn it down – I’m not in a position where i can do that. Need as much work as I can get my paws on.

Flash would also be nice to learn – would be nice to have my portfolio as a flash site.


Oh man I am tired – Got up at 8am this morning so didn’t get much sleep at all – feel wrecked now.

really should get up in the morning…..

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I really should you know. You see it’s one of the benefits of being freelance is there are days midweek when there’s nothing on and I end up going to bed at a ridiculously late hour for no reason. – Last night I went to bed at 4am and got up today at 11:30. My body clock is shot too. I dont do the eat in the morning then around 1 to 2ish for lunch and so on- I just eat when I’m hungry. – What was my point? – As I said body clock is shot so brain feels a bit broken.


I think I’ll do a bit of a tidyup today. The World War III look in my room is getting a bit rinsed.

eBay sogay – eBay not sogay

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So I jumped the gun a lil on the eBay thing. The new listing is sorted so hopefully I’ll actually sell it this time round.

On another brighter note – Cheating the system can prove to be beneficial! In this case cheating a website for getting touch with people. Anyway – I’m a happy boy now!!! Unless of course the lass in question just clicked the link for my blog in which case cheating was futile.

Oh almost forgot – The showreel client was really happy with the reel – His agent has suggested some changes but overall he loved it – I am an editing GOD!!! – well no if I was an editing GOD then I’d probably have alot more clients and be working on stuff better than showreels.

So generally today has turned out to be a rather bloody good day. – Wohoo!


eBay sogay

I am not a happy boy! The bike did not sell and no wonder!!! It was only showing in the listings if you did a search using words in the description. So all the folk browsing through the categories never saw it. I’ve relisted it again and the same thing is happening. – I’ve emailed them lot at eBay and had a good moan so they’d better sot it otherwise I’ll have to go and hit them with a big stick like thing. grrrrrr