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Just back home – it’s 715pm and MY GOOD GOD its cold!!! It’s just seemed to have happened this week. Anyway – am tired so that’s it for now.

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Where has all the time gone today – had a load of things I was planning to do and it’s now almost 5:30. Oh well! – Gonna plonk myself in front of the telly tonight. Have a beer and watch some DVD’s.


Right just been playing with the features on the server and I now have my own new feedback page – go on – try it out.

overhaul needed

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Right I need a complete overhaul in this site – the plan is to create a new design concept for the whole thing and learn PHP. That way All my entries will be searchable and sortable, I’ll also be able to use my own comments page instead of the crappie baseportal one which is…..pants really. The redesign is needed as I wanna add scrobbler rss feeds and the like and basically get the whole site to be more advanced all the while improving my web skills. Nick called me today offering me some web work but it was php based so had to turn it down – I’m not in a position where i can do that. Need as much work as I can get my paws on.

Flash would also be nice to learn – would be nice to have my portfolio as a flash site.


Oh man I am tired – Got up at 8am this morning so didn’t get much sleep at all – feel wrecked now.

really should get up in the morning…..

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I really should you know. You see it’s one of the benefits of being freelance is there are days midweek when there’s nothing on and I end up going to bed at a ridiculously late hour for no reason. – Last night I went to bed at 4am and got up today at 11:30. My body clock is shot too. I dont do the eat in the morning then around 1 to 2ish for lunch and so on- I just eat when I’m hungry. – What was my point? – As I said body clock is shot so brain feels a bit broken.


I think I’ll do a bit of a tidyup today. The World War III look in my room is getting a bit rinsed.

eBay sogay – eBay not sogay

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So I jumped the gun a lil on the eBay thing. The new listing is sorted so hopefully I’ll actually sell it this time round.

On another brighter note – Cheating the system can prove to be beneficial! In this case cheating a website for getting touch with people. Anyway – I’m a happy boy now!!! Unless of course the lass in question just clicked the link for my blog in which case cheating was futile.

Oh almost forgot – The showreel client was really happy with the reel – His agent has suggested some changes but overall he loved it – I am an editing GOD!!! – well no if I was an editing GOD then I’d probably have alot more clients and be working on stuff better than showreels.

So generally today has turned out to be a rather bloody good day. – Wohoo!


eBay sogay

I am not a happy boy! The bike did not sell and no wonder!!! It was only showing in the listings if you did a search using words in the description. So all the folk browsing through the categories never saw it. I’ve relisted it again and the same thing is happening. – I’ve emailed them lot at eBay and had a good moan so they’d better sot it otherwise I’ll have to go and hit them with a big stick like thing. grrrrrr

I cant think of any witty titles for this today

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Now that was a nice relaxing day. I woke up about 1 in the afternoon – was a late one trying to finish the showreel. I put the stuff for my client up on the website and emailed him so he can have a looksy. As I was finishing up there was a knock on the door. Wohoo, Jimmer and Veri had ridden up from Kingston so had a brew with them and a chat and that. They left and I came back up stairs to check on how/if my bike was selling on ebay. AAAARRRGH! It’s not budging. It’s in it’s last 24 hours so hopefully it will sell. I’m asking for a very low price so a bargain is there waiting for someone to grab it. Next I was looking for mopeds. I’ve found a wicked lil gem in east London so if the bike does sell I’ll go for it. It’s not a vespa or a lambretta but its equally as cool. – Gotta have the cool factor – Na meen!

At this point my stomach was beginning to complain at it’s emptiness so off to the co-op i went (the should really be called the “co-s**te”). While in there ma bro belled me saying he was outside my front door so I told hime to meet me at the shop and he did Got back to mine and I cooked us a lil Spag Bol – yummy!!! We watched some crap TV then saw that “Raiders of the Lost Ark” was on. Now that is such a great movie. The we watched Top Gear. Tom and I both love the show but mostly for unobvious reasons. It’s the tech reasons. I love the way it’s cut, the colour correction used and all that stuff that I deal with. Anyway – Tommy boyo f**ked off home and I watched more mind numbing Sunday viewing. It’s amazing when you have sky or cable how with the hundreds of available channels there are times where there seems to be absolutely bugger all on.

A nice chilled out Sunday. Tomorrow? Look for some projects to get involved in and do some invoicing – people owe me money and I want it now!!!


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I took Sir Fergus for a walk down to Gunnersbury Park Yesterday afternoon and its was soooo windy. I love really strong Wind. It can be so invigorating. Back in Dublin we lived about a 15 min walk from the beach and it was fantastic going for walks on stormy days with the spray from the crashing waves to the sound of the sea and the strong winds. I miss that alot. I love the sea.

I’m working some more on this showreel at the moment and my system is complaining. I dont like it when it complains. It’s being silly, maybe i should take the PC for a walk, it seems to cheer Fergus up alot. Oh but then the pc is not a dog – oh right – I forgot about that small detail.


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I did another bored type video you can see it here:


I’m working on a showreel today for a lad called David Armand – He’s the guy responsible for this: Torn Mime His material is very very funny. Lovely bloke too.


Trying to figure out my weekend. Sat afternoon I’m gonna shoot down to Kingston to watch the Rugby with Jimmer. Otherwise It’s a blank slate. Chill Time (I imagine its MC Hammer saying that)

Section 8

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So it was quite a long busy day today. Had to face the Tube again to get down to Ministry of Sound. The job they had for me to day was coverage of the Section 8 Night last week. Was a good simple enough edit and they were as always very happy. At least I assume they’re always happy, why else do they keep asking me to come back??. There is one thing though that’s a lil off with Ministry. Although they are always impressed with my work I am not. I know it can be better. This is not the usual artistic gripe of never being completely happy. I know it could be alot better. It’s always down to time. If they allowed 2 days rather than one, all the videos would be sooooo much better.

Jimmer made me realise that because of selling the bike I am missing out on “The Real Ale Wobble”!!! A weekend of bikes and beer! – DOH! Jimmer and I were gonna go down there and meet Cyclist Rich and twinklydave but – no ride no point never mind the fact that it’s be a spensive weekend.

Yawn – I have sleepyness noe – I go sleepyfy myself.


It’s a sad day

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Yes it is indeed. I have come to realise that I’ll have to sell my bike. The beasty will have to go. The reason is so I can raise cash to get a new moped. I have thought long and hard about this over the past few days and I think its the only thing I can do. I dont ride it half as much as I’d like and it spends most of its time sitting against the wall in the kitchen so I cant really justify keeping it especially now that the ped needs a replacement. I am not impressed!

If you know anyone interested in a dirt/street specced rig let me know – I’m looking to get about £650 for it.

Day One

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Day one being pedless. I had to endure the joy that is the London Underground system. The very thing for which the ped was bought to avoid. Needless to say it was horrible. I think the only redeeming factor is the hottie spotting. But even that is pointless. When was I ever the type to talk to a random woman, never mind the fact that she would assume I am some complete weirdo. GACK!!!


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Some a**ehole stole my moped!!!!!


most of you know I rarely swear on this site but i think i am justified today. The worst part is that I only had Third Party Insurance! – Bugger!



I gotta do a load of maintenance on this site. Have realised that will probably have to get rid of all the blog pics in the archived blog. There are simply too many of them. Also I am trying to find a free PHP Blog application that works under MS SQL as the server wont allow MySql but already has MS SQL – there be a changes goin on.


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I never really got the whole halloween thing. I suppose comming from a very religious family who frowned upon celebratunbg essentially a pagan festival was the main reason.

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Twas a good weekend. Was Bob’s Birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB!!! Bob and I went to the Metro on Friday night then later went to pick up Davey form Kings Cross who travelled down from Edinburgh. Sat was quiet but I did watch Dogma – such a cool movie. Sunday we had a pub dinner in honour of Bobby himself and we all got very pissed. The burley scots man above managed to lock us out of the house forcing bob to break in, put a bigger crack in our front door and take down half our front wall. A good night it was!!

Unfortunately I missed my God Daughter Lucy’s first birthday. I was due to travel to Glasgow but work dictated otherwise.

Roll on New Years

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So New Years Eve is planned and booked. On the 28th Jimmer, Benny and I fly to the Czech Republic to bring in the new year with Veronika’s mates and family. Also the Czech contingent who made an appearance at my birthday will also be there.

We travel to Gatwick then fly and train it and I have the feeling that I’ll be on a staple diet of Vodka and no sleep for the duration of the 5 day break. – My liver is already squirming at the thought of it. It’s gonna be ACE!!!!

In other tings – I am feeling really stressed out. On thurs am due to fly to Glasgow for my God Daughters first birthday. However I have the tongue stuff to finish. Some Tesco work and am due in Ministry on Wed & Thurs – yup Thurs is double booked. At the same time Tongue have brouaght in another Editor. Although they make out y position is safe I cant see how they can afford this and that I wont loose work from them. I need to get some more work that pays well!!!

What if????

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Playing around again with the morphing software I bought and I remember seeing 2 photos in one of the galleries. My Dad and my niece Naomi. he he! strange similarities!!!