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NEW DESIGN – A lil more progress

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Another wee re-arrangement of the layout. Was looking to make the whole page less busy. The previous designs had always been overly busy but I kind of like the idea of not having to click into other pages to get to other pages. Still unsure if i like this or not but it is an improvement all the same.

Still really busy on the Thunder – Japan Tour DVD. I’ve finished the main edit and now have to go over them all, apply colour correction. Put in the stereo audio mix then design and build the DVD interface. The deadline is the end of this week so pressure is on!

I had a poss job coming up for a website but I think I may have lost that job. The client was supposed to email me a spec but never did and has not returned my calls which is unfortunate but his loss – well no it pisses me off lots as it means I loose on the cash!

I really need to get myself on a web developing course. This site is now over 2 years old and i have been manually entering and updating as I go. Would be great to have the whole thing database driven and searchable.


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so life is generally just pissing me off at the mo and I’m really busy so that’s why i been quiet an dat! Here is a list of tings and tings annoying me:

  • Women
  • being broke
  • low paid jobs
  • my penchant for indian women
  • bills
  • non existent social life!
  • not partying
  • not been clubbing in years
  • i’ve become a bit of a recluse
  • not as fun as i used to be
  • i bore myself
  • still have no music collection from when pooter went boom!
  • being a wuss when it comes to quitting smoking
  • being unfit
  • not being able to afford stuff
  • not riding my bike enough

that’ll do for now!

I am very very tired!

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Have some screen grabs of the DVD I’m working on.

Am watching this doco on BBC1 called “Pets are People” and the most inspiring thought has been – YES YOU RAE CRAZY……FOOL! One lady in particular who owns about 8 cats and 3 dogs thinks one of the old cats is about to die. She stated “I came down in the morning and she just looked at me (dramatic pause) She told me (another dramatic pause with a bit of a tearful cough) She told me she was ready. Now you may think I’m crazy but when your per is ready they will tell you and you have to heed them. It’s like loosing a family member, I lost my daughter 23 years ago and its just like that” You are one sad sad C R A Z Y woman! I can appreciat it being very sad. I remember when we had our dog put down but this is bloody ridiculous! Anyway I laughed my a**e off at it.!!!


In other news: Feeling really exhausted. 3 Websites and a DVD on the go with work. Busy boy is I! The DVD is coming along nicely. Its great to finally have a good meaty video project to get my teeth in to. Its jus generally great to be busy even if I am run off my feet.


Meena has booked me Cath and herself into a Speed Dating night in a couple of weeks. They went to one last week and had a giggle so in an attempt to get out more I’m going. Should be a giggle!


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It’s official, I am now no longer a cider drinking thing. VODKA is my drink of choice!!!! That is all.

Spring is in the air

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Well my brother picked me up this morn and off we went to acquire some work orientated equipment. As left the house I filled my lungs with the fresh spring air and exhaust fumes and finally realised – Spring is here.

Started the Thunder Japan Tour DVD today. A couple of weeks of hard editing are in store but it should be cool.

thieving bastards

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Yes my bank have screwed me. – They have charged me for nothing and I aint happy. Gotta sort this stuff out as I really aint impressed.

Well we are in a new month. oh April my april what will you serve me this year?

too much on

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So I have no cash and I am too busy. I’ve almost got the Olive Tree site ready and the client is very happy indeed. I’ve got some viditing work with my bro starting next week and I still have the wine project to finish. So this weekend will be full of – sitting around serching behind the sofa for coppers for food.

ooh and go and check out – he’s spiced it up and it’s looking schweeeeet!


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Rent is due and i have no money!!! – AAAARGH. I think i may have to give my dad a bell and ask for some assistance. I’ve been busy so work is thereish. I’m working on a site for a restaurant in Hammersmith. Working with a friend of mine: Nick, who’s an excellent graphics designer type. Almost there now so hopefully that should be cool BUT as usual it’s a s**tty paying job. However I have to arrange updates as this will be needed with weekly menu changes. We shall see.


We all went to a pub quiz last night (we as in the flat) and we won the quiz. The team that usually win were not impressed. Seeing as we were so pleased with ourselves we continued drinking til the wee hours which resulted in a bit of a mess. I woke up this morning wanting to die but it was well worth it. Was a great eve.


Had poker this eve and I held my own. I decided to go all in on a poor bet though as I needed out to work on the aforementioned site. Bob and Megan had issues which was the highlight of the eve.


It’s late now- I go sleep!

boom fizz and pop

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My tiniterweb machine blew today, flames and all! I’ve lost all my films, all my email, all invoices – could this get any worse now? This is seriously beginning to take the piss!!


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Met Dara for a pint in his hotel at Heathrow – took 1hr 20mins to get there then missed the bus back for the last tube so was made to realise how broke i am by borrowing a tenner off hi for a cab – bugger!

Woot Woot

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It’s Paddy’s Day! Going to a party tonight down in Lewisham which I believe should be excellent. It’s for Nick’s Birthday which was last week but its gonna be huuuuge. He’s got 7 different DJ’s and there are about 150 people expected including some Brazilian honeys that Nick wants to introduce me to. He He!!! mmmmm Brazilian honeys!

Again I have no money so I have to sort that s**t out. We shall be getting tings going better. The last month has been s**te. I’ve been stressed and depressed. Things with the princess really got to me, or rather I stupidly let them do so. But it did get me really down so now I have to pull myself back up and stop being a moany d******d. Tom and I have realised that we really need to get our act together with Mediachill. Lets get it sorted!