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Hi honey, I’m home….

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Well, I’m back. I got back late last night. The funeral was grand. Despite being thrown in a\t the deep end we managed to pull it off. Oh yes – at the last minute we were thrown in at the deep end by being told we (as my brother and two sisters) were going to be singing during the service. It was a lovely service albeit quite sad. The after service reception was pleasant too. chatted with my cousins and all that which was grand. After that my family went off to spend some time together. This was really bizarre. Was the first time in about 13 years the 6 of us were travelling in a car in Ireland. Was great.

Tom and I were only able to get flights that came back on Tues.. I was a bit apprehensive of this but it turned out ok. We met up with alot of old friends. We were kind of forced into chilling out which i think we both needed. All in all it as a lovely break.

On another note:


Which Trainspotting Character Are You?

another sad day

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It is another sad day. My Aunt Valerie lost her battle with Cancer this morning. Going over to Dublin first thing on Sat morn. My Mom and Dad are already there, think my mom is holding up ok.


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Jus realised I’ve been crap with this site this month so far. Not really been writing much. I guess I dont really have much to say these days. Well nothing worth writing about. It’s either moany s**te or super yay stuff when i write alot. There is no drama happenin here.

nothing to see here

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[wmv width=”320″ height=”240″][/wmv]

Found this vid this eve. It’s a music Video of Pendulum – Slam. Was shot in and around soho . One location was right opposite where I worked (when he’s outside Black Market Records) – Anyway cool as fudge. It goes berserk at about 1min35secs

ooh arty like

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I’ve been gettin all creative with Photoshop. I downloaded a s**t load of brushes and was messing around – the above is the result! The theme is poker. I had a bad game last night – Lost £6. It was going well until SHE DEVIL Victoria (JP’s bitch) placed a ridiculously high bet for JP. The position I was in rendered me screwed! – Bugger!

floatin along

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I’m an idiot! I’ve realised I’ve totally fudged things up over the last month. My great New Years Resolve has been almost totally flushed away – Gotta get it back, gotta get it back. Gotta get my grooooove back.

pickin myself up again

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So it’s been a s**tty week! Work has been slow and I’m finding it hard to get more work in. I’ve had a rotten nasty a**e cold. The whole Princess thing has not been that much fun either. So I can either sit around and moan or just get on with things. The latter seems to be the better option. All things can be resolved with time. I also expect that the cold will go in a day or so.

The above image is my first illustrator effort – yay! ok so simple function and I still dunno how the hell the thing works but it’s a start.


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I am fudged off. Oh the thoughts going through my head. I just cant understand how some people can be so ridiculously stupid with their attitudes and actions. Stupid stupid stupid! Most people are prone to the odd stupid act every now and then but people who are genuinely intelligent! – How does that happen?

Went to the Bravery gig last night – Was excellent – they rock! JP & I got pretty smashed.

Feelin so ill i think i gonna die…

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This weekend :

  • Finally got to bed at noon on sat
  • slept for 4 hours
  • got up and replied to some emails an dat
  • watched some TV
  • realised the cold I have was actually a nasty flu
  • Showered and shaved
  • Got dressed fo JP’s bday
  • Went and met everyone at Sophie’s Steakhouse in Fulham/Chelsea
  • Had my first drink knocked over by a runaway handbag and the dippy cow didn’t offer to buy another – only had one sip!
  • Ate the best burger ever – no really better than the best one you ever had
  • generally had a larff
  • Drank a shed load of Vodka but flu prevented a state of drunkenness I was aiming for
  • Saw CRAAAAAAAAAAIG DAVID! when leaving
  • We all went down to
  • Sat around and spent £22 or a round of 3 drinks
  • Flu kicked in with a vengeance
  • Smoked a Hookah
  • Got a cab home
  • started to watch a movie with Bob but went to be
  • Woke up this morn at noon
  • watched TV all day and did tinterweb bits
  • Watched 24
  • watched other less bloody good TV
  • and dat’s it

All night long……

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No I’m not sing the praises of my sexual prowess! – No I’ve been working all night and I is tired innit! – The concept of second wind is quite amazing – you get to about 4 in the morning and its really difficult to work then BAM!! in comes the second wind – I’ll be needing my third dose in about 5 mins though.

again, an uninteresting title

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Am listening to Jo Whiley on Radio1 and the common event from last night was splitting up. A shed load of people split up their relationships last night. It’s such a shame to hear when people break up under any circumstances as its never nice. There must be alot of depressed people out there. To those people I say – don’t worry – It’ll get better soon. To those who were doing the nasty on their partners – U need your genitalia kicked in severely!

went round to see my Bro. He’s off to Japan today for 5 days with Thunder. We did our usual tech stuff and work chat then we went and had a curry. I had……..a………Korma!!!! woo yay! So we chatted about this and that and then we went back to the flat and watched “Face Off”. I hadn’t watched this movie in a long time and I used to love it. Now its different. I’d forgotten how clichéd it really is. It’s really ridiculously terrible in places. It pains me because Cage and Travolta are two of my favourite actors and this was a huge disappointment. Oh well. “I’M CASTOR TROY!!!” Ever since seeing that movie whenever I’ve had to get photos developed I always put my name down as Castor Troy and no-one has ever questioned it.

Happy V@#&na Day!!!

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So it’s Valentines Day! I promised my self I’d try not to be too cynical about this so I’m not. I hope all of you have a wonderful day and all of those ladies of you out there who are single and not related to me – Be my Valentine!!! xxx

EDIT – I’m not actually lookin for a valentine

Gotta try and get lots more work done and get some work in. That would help!

I’m hungover

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Last night we all pilled out to West Ealing to celebrate Lucy’s (JP’s sister) 21st birthday. Woke up this morning with a stinking hangover and I feel like crap! But it was an excellent night