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10 Years

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Ten years ago today I left my beloved homeland with my parents and the above pic is how I felt. I don’t know how exactly to feel about this now. It’s odd. I feel older, I am older but there is a significant realization that a period of 10 years has passed which before in my life, although thoroughly aware that time was passing, it seem truly significant and stands out.

I hated leaving Ireland. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me – at least that was what I thought at the time. I had friends, a girl and a good life all of which were torn away from me. BUT – when I think about the kind of person I would be had I stayed in Ireland I don’t really like what I see. What kind of job would I be in, who would i be seeing, who would my friends be. Never mind the fact that I wouldn’t have all the things I currently have and cherish. I guess its the old paradoxical thought process where, one event, when you trace it back, is the one event that has had the biggest impact on your life.

It really does feel odd.

The back end of the website was down so that’s why I aint been bloggin yo! Also – Got the ped back so Markey id ago go go!


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Rented Gothika last night and watched it with Sam. She my house mate an she coooooooolio.

Went for a ride yesterday – got muddy!!!


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I now bring to you….The Office Gimp. (its on the left too)

When you are at work and are bored you can have a look at some of the random links that will be appearing. Requests will be considered.

I still wanna move to Hawaii.


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Employment in Hawaii

Young mid 20s male seeks employment in hawaii. Ideally, easy going beach based work preferred. Will work in media & new media, will make teas. Potentially stressfull people need not apply!

I’m going through that repetitive phase again! I have a cycle which seems to go through 3 months and at the end I get really pissed off at my job and life! This is one of those days! I am really stressed and I would quite like to jack everything in! I’m not going to but I do feel that way. If any of you know anyone looking for someone who is in their mid 20’s and wants to pay them upwards of £24k please let me know – The job don’t matter I’ll do anything now.


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That was another blindingly good weekend. I am absolutely knackered but it was ace. I got to Sandra’s place about 2 in the afternoon on Saturday to be given the biggest welcome by the 2 girls (Rebekah & Sarah), they melt my heart every time they are such sweet kids. When I saw wee Peter I was amazed. Last time I saw him he was only months only with a load of dark brown hair – Now he’s a cute lil blondie!! It was Sarah’s birthday so we had a lil party for her – Its amazing how easy it is to please a child of 3. We had a nice relaxed evening with My other sis Angie and my parents.

Sunday was the big day. The Godmother I found out was my long ago em from Ireland Mary Roe! It was great ceremony and neither Mary nor I lost it although when the Priest went to congratulate us all and shake our hands Mary thrust the Prayer leaflet into his hand not realising. – Said losing it incurred. There was a lovely party in the church hall with the whole Holmes Family which was great.

Later in the day I jumped on a couple of trains and arrived In Edinburger&fries to see Bob and Cass. The Eve was spent in the bar Bob works at chatting to them both, Bob and I loosing miserably to Cass at pool and bob generally doing no work at all. It ended with us back in Bob’s “soon to not be his ” flat, trying to stray awake watching Dr. Strangelove (great movie just tired). Up at 8:30 this morn to get Back to London. A lot crammed into one weekend and it was excellent! – Check out the gallery to the left.

goddaddy duties

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Off to GLASGEE tomorrow for the weekend where the role of Godfather starts officially!!!! It should be a fun weekend. I fly from Heathrow and get to Glasgow by about 12:30 Spend the day/eve at Sandra’s and do the christening on the Sunday then in the eve am of to Edinbuger to see Bob and Cass And Fergus for the night then back home on Monday.

ebay d******d

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eBay dispute Article updated!!!!

Question – This eBay dork, How should I handle the conversation with him?!!!!!

AGGRESSIVE or t i m i d ?

Not sure – What’s the consensus?

eBay Dork!

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Today has been a busy but highly amusing one too. Just been working with 2 kids who made me loose it quite a few times – It is true when people exclaim at “the things kids say” – Its so true it was very very funny.

eBay Dork! – I now have his number and I think his name!!!!!


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Why is it that when you stroke someone’s ego it can be a very bad thing and it is not reciprocated??? James’ nickname for me is : Jockey because – I am short and Irish – like most horse jockeys! – This is the latest Jockey picture:

That’s right have your laugh at my expense – Actually I think its funny as hell!

On a bad note: The bike shop rang – £360 for an engine re-bore and re-build! ouch. – I guess little Timmy wont be getting a present this Christmas.


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Graced Mr. Pearce with my presence down by Teddington Lock this afternoon. Bought some DVD’s off him and drank a pint. I neglected to go have a look at the jumps on the other side of the river – Jumps scare me – I have completely forgotten how!!! – Depressing.

I need to learn how again – That was always the best bit!!!

ebay t**t

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I have updated the eBay dispute article. – The guy is unreal!

Also Updated Blog archive system / navigation at bottom of page.


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My moped broke down AGAIN this morning. I cant bloody believe it At this point I really aint impressed!!!

Had it not been for James Lightning Speed, Mighty Strength and…………… his van, I would not have gotten my Ped home today! Thank you Mr. Pearce – WWW.KRAFTYSPAGE.CO.UK

Been a wee bit busy this week and have decided that I really wanna become a llama farmer!

The Godfather

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My sister rang me and asked me to be her new daughter Lucy’s Godfather!! – Me a godfather – It’s true – Proof is below!!

Met Bob and Alison for a drink after work. – Bob did the great thing and booked a night bus back to Edinburger so he shall be debating the finer topics of Burberry patterns with the chav massive who have taken over the National Express Bus route. Anyway Me and Ali & met him for a send off Pint – or 3.

hallo mr ween

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A Belated Happy Halloween to you all!!!!

This is me at 5am this morning. Just dropped Bob back home after a good night out at fireworks and Nandos’ with himself – Do i look like crap or what????!!!!