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I started my new portfolio last night and so far its looking great. Previously I had been doing it as a DVD but I realised it is not a good medium for a portfolio as its a pain in the a**e to update. So I decided to go for an auto launching web on CDrom. All the movies and stuff I am creating as wmv’s and I will put media player 9 for Mac and pc on the disk itself too.

This lets me use high end graphics, keeping the site looking slick. I’ll be putting some screen shots up this eve. This weekend will be full of working on it. – might actually ride my bike this weekend.


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I am quite disappointed in myself and my riding or rather lack of riding. I have a lovely steed and I aint using it. I must get back into riding properly. I am thinking of buying some proper wheels, as in 26″ not 24″ and also doing away with the Chain device and slapping on a full 3 ring chain set and mech. – SHOCK HORROR! Mark with a full chain set??? Yes it is true.

It is well and truly time to stop moaning about it all the time and actually take action. I don’t want to be labeled as being all gob and no action.


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I have about as much enthusiasm as a council building being sprayed by a disgruntled farmer and his trustee slurry spreader.

New Year

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So the Holidays will end in less than 2 hours and the first day of work begins. A new year and my fledgling career will hopefully take its first flight some time over the next few years. Throwing away the analogy – I hope to further myself dramatically.

The potential for the year ahead both in work and personally is huge. Its very daunting and in some ways i feel like I am about to try to cross a field of eggshells with a steam roller.

I have spent my time being patient as I believe that one who is patient and hard working will reap the rewards. This year its time to be areaping.

To all of you who read this: A Sincere Good Luck in 2005.

tutu puppies

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Another late night at the office. – Mind you it has been months since I last did this. My biggest worry is that I am gonna freeze on the drive home as, if you did not notice, its cold enough to freeze a small puppy wearing a tutu outside.

I am working on a DVD for Actor/Director David Morrissey. It’s his acting and directing showreel which he wants to send out to LA. The reason for the late night is that I promised him I’d have it for him tomorrow afternoon and the Mac engineer doodio (stef) is coming in tomorrow, soooooo I need to finish it tonight.

While waiting for the various videos to encode I have been surfing and its funny. There are some weird people out there in the world. Personal webbys have exploded like a rash on an allergy ridden baby’s a**e. This being an example. It makes me parranoid that someone else will happen upon this site and think the very same as I do about other sites. hmmmm I dont really know what the point is here but you may get a drift and if so well done – if not – wake up fool, go have a picnic with a paraplegic on a merry go round.

tree unfelling

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Sat I did nowt. JP and I erected the Christmas tree, I hung out with my bro for a bit and then Tika came round late after her YaYa cult organization meeting.

Fri was the office party. – ouch my liver is still in pieces.


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Jus been speaking to Richieboyo on messenger. Jimmers wee sibling is in Nepal and while I am here in the office knocking my gonads together for warmth, he is in his shorts and tee enjoying the sun. – Bastard.

Why is Fri 13th always a bad luck day? Today is Mon13th. Surley Mon 13th should be considered worse as its the start of the working week which no-one likes!!!!

At Uni I was thre messiest bastard! not much has changed but there is proof of my Uni living style – beware it aint pleasant – c,lcik on Kraftyspage to see em.


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I seem to be stuck in a rut of self sorry feeling. Normally I would feel bad for a couple of days but this has been a couple of weeks. It is the realization of needing to turn my life around and get it going where I want it to.

At the same time there is the job thing. I found out only yesterday that one of the girls in the office left on Monday – She just upt and left. The reason: her job was to pressured for what she was earning. – That sounds familiar. I need to consider that my bosses will never be prepared to pay me fairly. They might and I will give them the chance but even still I cant help thinking that I need to move on. Go somewhere that does not hold me back but nourishes my talents and offerings.

I also need to think about whether or not I should continue as an editor. As technology grows it becomes increasingly hard to justify charging people what we do for jobs. Should I get into summat else in a similar line like concentrating on DVD authoring or should I go in to sales or summat? I just don’t know yet.

All I know is I have to sort a lot of things out soon


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Its Toms birthday today and he is off to Dublin as we speak, well As I type. He is a good bro ands I love him loads. Enjoy yaself!

Here are some random pics as I cant really be a**ed typing much.

Die Cold

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Its a cold day – Winter is striking with a vengeance. I saw my lovely girly last night then went home and messed with the Xbox – It makes me smile!!


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Bit of an odd weekend. – I got my Xbox – Thanks sooooo much to Jimmer!!!! and had a meeting for work on Sunday. Don’t really feel like I have had a weekend at all. – I am also feeling really stressed about things generally. – Worried bout xmas and being able to afford it. hmmmmm worry! Not a good thing – I think that when you worry its because you are stressed and you risk falling down that helter-skelter of stress and worry if you iant careful. I’m sort of sailing around the edge of it trying to decide whether or not to dive right in.


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It is that time of year again where we get all Christmassy! I wish I was 8 years old this time of year. I think at 8, its the only time you have the sense on how to really enjoy Christmas?..

Now you have to put up with incessant TV ads that annoy, worrying about that crap song in the charts becoming Xmas No.1 and thus being played well into mid Jan, shopping – or the kamikaze consumerism sport – as I prefer to call it, listening to everyone else moan about what a pain it is (is that irony there?), family tensions, and so on. I wish it were all back to basics – for one day everyone should be 8 years old!

Just won a n auction for an Xbox – wohoo!!!!


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An amusing occurrence on my arrival home. Well I found it funny – When I took my helmet off I was presented with this site:

 hair helmut

I want a job with £30k+ and a car, where i don’t have to wear a suit or get naked. – Any suggestions??.