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The saved bird – POTD

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This morning i went down to 216 with Ruth to sort out some more of the ongoing stuff that needs sorting. There was a playgroup happening in the creche and one of the mothers spotted this lil guy caught up in the anti pigeon netting.

He’d got himself into a right state. He was in a bit of a mangled mess. We decided to call the RSPCA who said that they would pass the info on to one of their officers but no call came. By 2:30 I decided to do something myself and armed myself with some rubber gloves, a pair of scissors some water some seeds and a box lined with soft paper.

At first the poor lil guy was flapping all over the place but i gently got a hold of him and calmed him down, waiting till he was used to me holding him. It took about 5 mins to cut him out of the main netting then a futher 20 minutes to then carefully cut the neting that he was tangled in. Once free he broke free of me and went stratight for the water which showed that he must have been there for a while.

Another ten mins had him com[letly free and then i set him down.

I’d like to say he had a burst of flight and flew into the great blue sky but it was cloudy and he went straight into the netting again! I grabbed him and stopped him from getting tangled. It was clear from this burst that he was not in a good way so i popped him in the box with some food and water and then laid a tea towel over the top. I was thinking that he needed the rest.

The RSPCA guy never showed so at 4:30 we went back up to check on him and under the tea-towel we found a much perkier bird. I popped him out and he was much more responsive but he did fly straight into the window but after about 10 mins of getting his bearings he launched himself onto the roof and then within 5 mins he was gone.

He flew out of my life just as quickly as he had appeared. I’d be fibbing if I said I didn’t feel a little like Grizzly Adams! And Yes! I was a little disappointed when i got to our front door and there was no sign of him. No, he didn’t land on the railing outside and coo at me in appreciation looking to start of a lifelong friendship.

The cretin!!!!…no, no, the cute lil thing. It felt good to do this today!

How to do almost anything on YouTube

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YouTube is a massive resource when it comes to learning new things.

Check out this cool list of things that you can learn right now on YouTube!

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A road accident. POTD

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So as we were leaving one of the projects today we heard this almighty scream. We were worried as to what it was. Then 100m down the road we came upon this horrible accident.

That’s how some people try to get a pig to market.

Poor piggy!

Trip Update

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Wow, This place is … thought-provoking!

This trip has been quite mind bender. I’ve never really witnessed such poverty on the scale that ive been witnessing it here. It’s epic in its proportions.

One of the first things I noticed with this town we are staying in called Poi Pet is the lack of infrastructure. This is obvious when you see all the rubbish everywhere. It’s dirty, smelly and hot and is hard to take in at times.

Then when you take in the reason why we are here its gets harder. Trafficking is not a great thing to think about.

BUT – seeing what CHO are doing here is amazing.

Check out their site!

Cambodia Prep

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As part of my prep for the Cambodia trip it was recommended to me by a colleague to watch this film – putting it here so I don’t miss it!

John_Pilger – Cambodia (Year Zero)

Some Great Entertaining Campaigns

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This one’s an ouch


A YouTube Comment Response

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So there’s a guy on Youtube who commented on my What Jesus did video and the comments section is too small to reply too so I’ll do it here:

Here’s the comment thread:

see christianity doesn’t make any sence. why would he die for our sins even though he knows that that won’t change anything for anyone? In fact why is Jesus such an emo and is like yeah ill die WTF. He could have spent his time just ignoring the sins and trying to help the people who really needed his help instead of emoing the s**t outa himself. And thats all if he existed. Tho we all know he didn’t so yeah. Stupid stupid stupid. Nothing would have been different if he didn’t die i assure that. –

masterleon55 1 year ago

i couldn’t disagree more but hey – knock yourself out dude.

irishmark 1 year ago

dude, first of all, why is everyone sympathising with what the so called “jesus” do. First of all he didn’t even ask the community weather they needed the heart transplant so this can’t even be compared. He died for us? He died for us to save us from what? end of the world? are you joking me…what is there that the humanity needed to be saved from. Our sins? everyone is a sinner thats how it goes. It’s a natural born instinct that everyone on this planet has. what christians fail to aknowledge

masterleon55 1 year ago

@masterleon55 Actually that’s not entierly true – Theologically speaking, being born a sinner is not the natural way of things. It’s a product of the fall. It’s through Jesus that we get red of this label of Sinner.

He died not so save us from the end of the world but to save us from what happens after that. Also He does “ask the community” in a manner of speaking. He is always there but he will not force us to know him as this would omit the possibility of having a relationship with Him.

irishmark 8 months ago
@irishmark you have an interesting point there however there are some loop holes that i fail to understand. So here are a few q’s. How do we obtain the label of the sinner? Even if you are a monk, a budhist monk hat has no contact with any others so therefore cannot do harm or good, gaining a neutral position. Also why would jesus not want to interact. Some much rather know him more instead of a blind faith. And how can you know what happens after the end of the world? No one does. Thanks.

masterleon55 8 months ago

and back to me…

hey man, Great questions. So I think part of this is the definition of Sinner and Sin. I kind of recoil at the words because of the social connotations which include people pointing and judging which is all a load or rubbish. I go back to the meaning of the words. English is Latin based. In Spanish (which is also latin based) the word “sin” means without. The original meaning association of sin was to be “Without God” in other words. Christians believe that God made us to…

…be in relationship with him and seeing as that’s how he designed us this would have been the best for us. But he also gave us free will: the freedom to choose whether we would want to have a relationship with him. Having this choice is key because without it, it’s just be God forcing us to worship him which is not really a relationship. So when we choose to not have a relationship with god we are without God and all the greatness and goodness that comes with all that. It should never have been and never be about pointing the finger at people and calling them sinner which sadly it can sometimes turn in to.

On your other points –

The Monk – I don’t believe anyone can ever be truly neutral. Even Buddhist monks choose to live a life they feel is good but it is a choice. If we are left completely to our own devices what would the outcome be? I don’t know. It’s like my wild dog theory – Pregnant woman survives plane crash in jungle and gives birth to a baby but then she dies. A pack of wild dogs come along and raise the baby (yeah i know its preposterous but go with me on this). Would that baby grow to be a person with the same moral framework as you and I or would they just eat everything in sight?As a Christian I believe we would have a sense of some sort of right and wrong because we are created in the image of God i.e. with his outlook on life not necessarily his good looks and all that stuff.

Blind faith – My faith is far from blind. There is a lot more evidence for the existence of God than there is for the non-existence of God.  There is also historical evidence of the existence of Jesus.

And how can you know what happens after the end of the world? No one does. You’re bang on there. no-one does but we can try and understand with what we have been given. So in my case, I believe in what the bible tells me. Can i be sure and 100% positive. No I can’t – That’s where my faith comes in.