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Great end to the day. POTD.

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Such a good day.

Chilled and lazy start to the day then on to church.

I love our church. Great service today with a great preach by Mark Bishop. Then on to pub next door with everyone to see the beautiful Elizabeth Robinson perform as per the photo.

Website planning. POTD

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End of the day I sketched this up and I may well start coding it this


Thinking that I’d like to use the same principal on work site.

Looking forward to implementing some awesome html5 stuff.

Revolution. POTD

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Jesus of Nazareth was also known as “The Christ” which when translated directly means:”The Revolutionary”.

But his revolution was one that was to bring love, understanding acceptance, relationship and hope.

His was one that surprised everyone.

It makes me think that I sometimes think I have God figured out and that is never the case.

The ceiling. POTD

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This is what’s left of our old ceiling. We moved back into the flat this eve. There is still so much dust everywhere that it only takes a few moments to feel it on your skin. It’s that super fine plaster dust that gets in everything. We have so much cleaning to do.

Right now my hands stink of bleach and we are on our way km the pub.

I’m out.

I’m going to Cambodia

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On Wednesday morning my boss came to me and asked if I would be up for going to Cambodia at the beginning of April. Seeing as i know that these opportunities don’t come very often at Tearfund I jumped at the chance.

(img source)

Over the next week the plans will come together but I’ll be going for a week to meet a Tearfund partner. It’s all quite fun!