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Photo of the day.

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Beard in need of a trim. The battery for my trimmer has been flat for over a week as I had misplaced the charger. It’s usually 10 days of no trimming that I hit the “itch threshold”. That is the time when the beard hairs suddenly start to itch frantically. This began this evening while Ruth and I were out for a stroll.

Thankfully I found the charger and hopefully in an hour or so I will be less itchy faced.

Tablet Take-over?

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So it looks like Tablet computers are definitely here and landing!

Last year saw the arrival of the iPad with huge amounts of speculation as to what and how they would be used but over the months different applications have presented themselves. I thought the iPad was gonna be a useless piece of junk and that their best use would for toilet reading. On further study though i began to think that they’d be great in production environments for directors and producers on-set.

What I’ve seen is that so many people in different industries have been using it for suitable functions for their particular industries. More recently has shown a school in Scotland using them in all their lessons. Bye Bye pencil and paper, hello tablets. The point being that Tablets have proven themselves to be a really useful in-betweener device.

Smart-phones will continue to swamp the market and will get better and better but the fact is that you wont want to have to deal with lots of type on their small screens. Laptops are great but even now our attitudes towards them is that they can be bulky to carry. It’s easy to see then that tablets fill the gap.

It will be interesting to see how long Apple leads the market. While Apple products are gorgeously sexy they are out of the budget for most mere mortals which is leaving a gaping hole in the market for affordable units and Android is stepping up to the plate with an awesome interface to rival iOS:

Are tablets taking over then? No i think we will still see standard computers for another few years. Its possible that the next couple of years will see the demise of the standard office desktop pc and the home desktop pc with Workhorse desktops being rarely seen in only design/production/scientific environments.

Slimmer laptops will begin to dominate the market and the Tablet grow in popularity. Do I want an iPad? No but i do fancy the idea of a similarly specced tablet running Honeycomb.

Dude, Where’s our car??? @rufus2612 #DOH

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Holidays are great aren’t they! They are time for relaxation, rejuvenation, recharging, recouping, and other re-‘s. A time to sit back and have a great time.

Our holiday in Dublin was such an experience. It was wonderful. We had great times with friends and family and on the plane I was thinking to myself that I felt like i had had a great time off and felt recharged and ready to get back into the thick of things.

When we got off the plane we made our way towards the long-term parking coach pick up point. I had in my memory that we’d parked in “K2” and on mentioning this to Ruth she agreed and so we were fine. We knew we were in Blue and so we waited for the journey to complete.

The bus entered the car park complex and immediately announced zones K and J as the first stop which just didn’t feel right. My gut sense of  direction was telling me we had to be in another area. We had driven quite a way through the complex when we arrived first and this bus was saying we were in the first stop.

Sure enough our car was not in the lot we had thought. Back in October we were here and had parked in zone K and i think it was that memory which was at the forefront of our minds. So we started to walk.

And walk..

…and walk…

and we walked around a lot. I think we walked around this car parking complex for aver an hour using a combination of my gut instincts and a systematic approach with the intention of searching every lot if we had to. This started to get stressful when my phone started to give its battery warning. The GPS was sapping the battery hich was not a good sign. I think the pinnacle was when we climbed through a hedgerow to avoid having to go the long way around yet another lot we had already searched.

Eventually as we were walking along the road to another lot an empty bus passed and the driver asked if we needed help. We sheepishly explained that we had absolutely no memory of where we had parked. He invited us on board, out of the cold which, at this stage, was a life saver. I was frozen and Ruth was going blue! He then radioed the depot to help us out:

So when you arrive there’s loads of lots that are closed. This is to make sure that on any particular day, you can only end up parking in one particular lot.

Within seconds the radio chirped back informing us of which lot it would have been, I distinctly heard the word “Lima” and secretly cringed inside. I was thinking “How silly could we have been to not have made a note of where we parked.” I mean, its just silly! I guess we had been tired due to the early start we’d had that morning. The Driver informed us that ach bus stop had a phone which you can use to call the HQ if you cant find your car. This made me cringe a little more as i wished we’d thought of looking for something like that.

The kind driver waited to make sure we could find our car. Much to my relief I found the car quickly and we thanked hem greatly. We got to the car and loaded the bags in the boot. I had to find my charger so a little rifling through the bags had that sorted. While the cars engine warmed the interior up. Once i had the phone mounted, the windscreen was clear, i’d checked round the car for any car-park-clangs (of which there were none) I finally removed my coat and we were ready to set off from this awful place….

..then it happened…

Ruth turned to me and had a guilty look on her face…

she passed me the parking ticket, but she wasn’t showing me the front of the card which we had both scrutinized carefully to see if there was any indication of where we may have parked….

no she was showing me te back of the ticket…

And there written in Ruth’s glorious handwriting were two digits

”   L    6  “

She had in fact written where we had parked on the back of the ticket in the spaces provided but NIETHER of us had even thought of looking!!! I think we both just stared ahead for a few moments before both of us fell apart laughing. It was too late, too ridiculous and too silly for us to be angry with one another and laughing was the best tonic.

And so we set off after having had a very stressful and dull adventure around the Stansted Airport Long Stay Car Park but we had learnt a very valuable lesson that day.

Sometimes the best place to look is the most obvious place

I learnt on you – POTD

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This is the guitar I learnt to play on.

I love it.

It’s older than me so it has that beautiful sound that only an old instrument gets as it ages.

Sadly it’s my Dad;s and they live in Ireland.

He did update his will recently…..

My Android Apps

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Android is rocking the world of phones and with quite a few of my friends making the change I thought I’d let the inner geek in me escape and come out to play for a while by listing the apps i use on my phone.

This is mainly for their benefit of course…nothing to do with me geeking out.

Comms & Social & Web

Media Players

  • Rock Player – Play all sorts of media including FLV’s
  • doubleTwist – Sync your tunes with iTunes playlists!
  • LastFM – Use the LastFM music awesomeness on ya handset!

File Handling

  • Astro File Browser – A file browser for your phone.
  • Awesome Drop – Super easy way to put files on your phone without cables
  • Dropbox – Use the brilliant online file storage system on ya handset


  • gTasks – sync your google tasks
  • GDocs – sync your google Docs
  • Google Reader – Sync your Google reader feeds
  • SMS Backup – sync your sms messages with your GMail account.
  • Evernote – The supreme note taking application – get organised yo!
  • Agenda Widget – A very configurable agenda widget that works with your calenders


GPS & Navigation

  • Street View – Use Google streetview
  • My Tracks – track your journeys and get stats and that on what ya did


  • Photoshop Express – edit photos on ya phone.
  • YouVersion bible – Great Bible app.
  • gMote – Use your phone’s screen as a computer trackpad.
  • Retro Clock – An alternative clock widget
  • Alarm Klock – a better alarm clock than the android one
  • Ocado – The online shopping app – this thing is awesome!…if you shop with Ocado that is.

Games & Fun Stuff

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