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Photo of the day

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So we haven’t put our Christmas tree away yet. We’ve been really busy with so much on…..

…OK so that’s a complete lie. We have just been plain lazy.

Anyway, it has a widget at the bottom that spins to give the contouring light to the fiber optic threads. It’s really quite pretty for a cheap-as-chips tree.

This is a shot of it’s base.

Photo of the day – Loo Long Exposure

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Three words that rarely belong together.

After an epic cleaning of the bathroom I had a few mins to wait before our Chinese take-away arrived so i took this.

There were a few ideas in this.

I love long exposure shots of phosphorous-orange city skies.

I love that there is a reflection on the wall of the tree branches.

I love that there is a glowing reflection of the candle on the wall.

Reflection of the candle in the mirror?!?!?! – Clichéd yes, Yummy Yes!

I love the movement of the branches.

Lots to love!


The set up.

Photo of the day

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So I tried work today.

When i woke up i was feeling about 90% so i thought I’d give it a go.

I got to work and we had a 2 hour meeting which was great but i felt my energy levels plummet.

I then had a lunch time meeting which again was great but when it was over i was spent.

I came home feeling physically bleh.

If only my body matched my mind.

I feel great in spirit just poor in body.

Photo of the day

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I’ve been off work for 2 days and this eve i was feeling a little better. So I cooked dinner for my wife.

I cooked fajitas.

They were yummy.

While cooking i set the camera up to grab this shot.

Photo of the day – feeling the lurgy

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Am in bed feeling horrible.

Chest feels like someones sitting on it. Throat feels like I’m trying to swallow a melon. Head is throbbing with a rhythm similar to what you think it might feel like to live on a submarine or in the bowels of a large shipping tanker. Tiredness level: Maximum.

Regretting getting out of bed to set camera to take this pic. Glad to be in bed – time to back to sleep.


Best response to a bad comment ever….

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A 13 Year old missed the point of a simple flash game that was designed to be epically bad. A fellow player of the game, who happened to be a voice over artist then laid down a voice over track which was subsequently animated to. This video is the result of trolling! FTW

Photo of the day

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An oldie but a goodie. This one was taken on my way home from work when i worked at Tandem TV and i was using my bro’s mx5. It was heavy traffic and i’d been sat in this spot for 5 mins and so to stifle the boredom i fired off a few shots.

Photo of the day.

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This is a gift I received here at work.

It’s a small Photo frame made from a motorcycle chain.

I work for a large charity called Tearfund ( which is mainly a relief agency.

One part if the charity is “Created” ( Most of these are gifts that are hand crafted by our partner agencies all over the world. Each gift has a card attached with the name of the person who made it, and it’s links to Created and Tearfund and how the purchase of the item has helped them and their business.

Its just a brilliant idea as you can see clearly the route its taken.

Final Cut Express and AVCHD lite

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So I was having trouble getting FInal Cut Express to read the files form my GF1 camera. It would seem that its not a native format for Final Cut Express howevere iMovie can read the stuff no probs.

So the solution is to copy the codecs from iMovie to FCE.

This is an extract from a thread on creativecow and the actual post is by Mirco Tripoczky

I did some research and testing.. and also came accross this thread and I got a (I think) cool solution to import AVCHD Lite directly into Final Cut Express without going through iMovie.

Since Final Cut Express doesn’t like AVCHD Lite, you have to tell Final Cut Express to like it.

1. Open the Final Cut package by right clicking the icon and choose show content. At Contents/Plugins you find a folder called: “AVCHD.RADPlug”. Make a backup of that folder.

2. Now Open the package by right clicking the icon and choose show content. At Contents/RADPlugins you find a folder called: “AVCHD.RADPlug”. Copy that folder to where you found the folder with the same name inside the Final Cut package.

Start Final Cut Express, use Log and Transfer and easily import AVCHD Lite clips to Final Cut Express.

That’s maybe a workaround.. and you do this on your own risk, for me it worked perfectly with the AVCHD Lite clips of my Panasonic TZ7.