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Photo of the Day & Info overload

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So this weekend has been a great and wonderful one. When i got home on Friday eve i was feeling really stressed out after a bit of a difficult week. I really needed to have some time to relax and recharge. That has been achieved to a degree. We are still in real need of a full break. We have not had a proper break this year for just the two of us. Hopefully we’ll get something soon.

All this has had me feeling a lil wound-up generally but it was a friend who said something today. We were talking about the documentary series that has featured on BBC2  Recently called “The Big Silence“. This series has been looking in to the effects of our busy lives and it encouraged the participants to bring some silence in to their lives. This equated to some dramatic positive effects. The conversation we had earlier was also suggestive of the same sentiment. We fill our lives up with so much noise that it becomes difficult to relax, to be quiet, to hear from God.

So, this is where i ma. I need to cut some stuff out. My life is so full of stuff that i dont need. Now, I love my news feeds. They are a constant source of really great information and inspiration but the problem is that it is constant.

It needs to stop.

We all need to stop…..

Stop and listen.

Photo of the Day #fb

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On the way home from work i stopped at both bridges and fired off a few long exposure shots.


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So over the last week or so i was considering taking part in Movember but in the end i decided not to.

Why not?

I spent last week letting my top lip’s ample furriness grow out a bit and then on Friday I trimmed all but the tache. I realised i looked like a dork but i also realsied something a lil more disturbing. My focus on this was for wrong.

My motivation was not based on helping those who have been affected by prostate cancer at all. My motivation was based in wondering how I would look with a mustache. Mainly a handlebar. This makes me a bit of an idiot. So instead of doing something half baked I’m going to drop it completely and concentrate on the stuff i do well and effectively.

It’s scary how fickle and whimsical I can be in some things. I like to try a lot of things but sticking to them is harder. There are a lot of unfinished projects out there by your truly and it troubles me that this wasted time could have been put to use in a much better way.

At the very least i can try harder to be more purposeful in my choices and activities.

I thought i’d mention it to the world in-case some one random happens across it and wishes to take part.

Have you ever done anything for the wrong motivation?