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Its HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT HOT HOT! Summer has definitely arrived in force. I love the hot weather. Have had a really good weekend.

On Friday I went to the Hogshead in Ealing – yes the one I used to work in – where Tom’s girlfriend is working and we proceeded to drink copiously. Got back to mine and was chattin to Kev and Jimmer on MSN where I drank even more. I topped it all off with tea and ginger nut biscuits. I woke up at 5am and yaked me guts. That was the bad bit. On Sat morn I did this new design to the site and then I got a call from Jimmer. I rode down the river and met up with him and Ben down in Ham Common with the sole intention of not drinking and ended up on double Vodkas for the rest of the eve. This time the ride back helped the sobering process – i think i sweat it all out. Today Bob came over to mine and we chilled out for a bit till Claudia belled me and we met her back again in the Hogs head. -Altogether a great weekend.


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Welcome to another new design. Again there’s a poll for you to vote on how u like it and so on. – Not gonna say much else as it’s too damn hot to be sitting in!!!

The Long Long Drive

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Now that was a harsh weekend. – It was great but harsh. On Fri morning i left London with bob in a huge transit van heading for Edinburger. It took us about 10 hours to get there and was a long way to drive but pleasant enough. The van was a s**t pile that was incapable of driving at speed up a hill. We had cinema tickets booked and just missed the first min of the movie. We saw Sin Cities – I highly recommend it – Best movie I’ve seen in the last few years. – Also if you have a chance to check out the comic strip its based on then do. It’s almost word for word and visually identical.

On Sat we packed the Van and had a party which we stayed to late as we were supposed to leave in the morn at 9am.

The return leg of the journey took almost 13hours. – I told u the van was a heap. We left London at 10:30 am and eventually got to bed by 2.30 – exhausted and wiped out.


MARKS TIP : If renting a vehicle for a long distance journey = DON’T use the cheap companies – use a big major one.


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Well June started quite literally with a bang! On Tues night a guy was shot just outside my front door!! What a great neighborhood I live in. There I was working away and suddenly I heard that distinctive sound of repeated gunfire!!!

Oh I love London!!!

It’s now June – and DAAAAAAMN this year’s smokin by. Lets hope the summer has lots in store.


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I think this is that cloud that appeared in the sky on friday.

Went to Silverstone on Sunday to see World Super Bikes which was ace – gallery to the left.

Here’s a few previews:


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Another hectic week – I aint being lazy – just busy. It all came to a head today which was probably he worst ever!!! Managing Audio work form Another Tongue, A DVD duplication job and a CD/DVD edit job – all in one day. It was topped of with my Internet machine blowing up!!! BUGGER!!! – I’m writing this on the edit machine now. The machine blew with some sort of overload. It’s made the 20pin atx connecter melt into the motherboard socket making the both of them useless!

This means I need another new motherboard and PSU. -I aint happy!!! So if anyone knows a nice cheap buy fully loaded motherboard – suggestions would be welcome.

pished pizza

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Well what a weekend!!!

On friday I met up with Bob and Meena in the North Star in Ealing. There much Vodka was consumed. My Brother joined us later on and then we went to Pizza on the Green and had us a fest of food. Funny how when your pissed food always seems to taste better.


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O. K. so I’m writing this with voice recognition and it’s quite cool because I’m not touching my keyboard on just sitting here talking to my microphone the only thing is that it does not quite pick up on slang words and the busters keeps on swapping words for other words . if likely you are lazy person then you’ll find this quite cool to use .

So what’s been happening ? I have been working very hard trying to get this website done, the one for work , and I realize now that in theory it should be finished this week but I have been into the office a few times and last several weeks so that gives me an extra few days. ago when you know if I can be bothered about this sick of the site.

may be a need to take a afternoon off and go right my bike . it has been nice with the good weather summer is finally on its way

it is may?

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I feel so uncreative and am having a huge mental block. Help Me!!

Just realised – IT IS MAY!!!! where’s all the time going?

New PC yay

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Super fast new PC’s are great. I’ve spent the last few days getting my new system up and running and I am very happy with it. Its a 2.2 Ghz 64bit Machine, 2gig ram and a 256 GFX card. to boost it that bit more My OS drives are 3 Western Digital 10k rpm Raptor Sata disks in a stripped raid and my main media disks are 2 standard sata disks stripped again. – My word its a fast machine.!!!

pulling curtains open

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Every morning when I wake up I pull the curtain aside while still lying in bed and I take a look at the sky to see what kind of a day is in store. I woke up this morning to a beautifully gorgeous clear blue sky in view and that is always good! I still have a lot of work to do which I neglected on Thursday but I can get all that done this eve. I think today it is gonna have to be me, my bike and some trails. Might do the Horsenden Hill Loop.

Over the past week I have been looking into PC parts. I have always been working to get my machine up to editing standard. I am now at the point of decision over Single 64bit or Dual 32bit. What ever way It will be £600+. The parts needed are:




2GB RAM (minimum)

Dual head 256 GFX card with core speed of 500mhz

2 x 120 – 200GB Serial ATA Hard drives

A Whopping big case (to allow for air flow and to fit the other 2 HDD’s I have)

4 x System silent fans.

Suggestions are welcome.

all nighter

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If I said I was tired yesterday then that’s an understatement for today!!!! Tom and I pulled an all-nighter last night to get this job done. Went round his about 2am this morn and left at 11:30. The job was good though and the client happy. Only thing now is that the Duplication company we are using has failed to call us with the job duped and they said we would get it this eve. Tom’s was going to meet client to hand it over but the dup company aint got back to us so we are a bit pissed off with them – CRETINS!