12 Dec ’18

Officelapse 2

5 Dec ’18

Ashanks Silent Motorised Camera Slider First Test

29 Nov ’18

TattLapse – Failed

16 Nov ’18

Office TidyLapse

9 Nov ’18

PlayAndPray Logolapse

30 Oct ’18

Edit screens Lightroom session

30 Oct ’18

East Pier #Lightroom session

27 Sep ’18

#Throwback to #Focus18 and my little shed accommodation thing. #ThrowbackThursday still a thing? #POTD

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27 Sep ’18

#Throwback to our #radrobinsonsummerholidays at #glendalough with this little one. #MyHeart #daddyslittlegirl #MyLittleChicken #POTD

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22 Mar ’13

So gonna happen

This will be me and our sone one day…if we have a son that is.
14 Mar ’11

Attack the Block

This is gonna be so many levels of epic I cant wait!!!!
16 Apr ’10

Skip the crud with DVDs

Having just finished season 5 of Lost and then seeing a an article today i was reminded about the Lost Season 5 DVD’s that LoveFilm sent […]
22 Jan ’10

the book of Eli

Epic, Beautiful, Surprising, Tense & Awesome Go see it!
13 Jan ’10

A-Team Trailer – So awsome it gave me goosebumps

This is gonna be soooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!
2 Jan ’10

When do we wax on and wax off then?

The Karate Kid – A dodgy remake I appreciate we live in an era where every remotely good movie will be remade but in doing so […]
29 Sep ’09

District 9

If you go see any movie thisyear GO SEE THIS! Such a wonderful and amazing film with a great concept and story.
15 Jun ’09

Films I have been watching

Terminator Salvation – We really enjoyed this. While most of the reviews have been poor i still like it. The film is heavily flawed. The concept […]
15 May ’09

Star Trek – WOOT

Wifey and i went out for our weekly date night last night and did the usual thing of Nandos and a Movie. Nandos! Oh how i […]