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…that got a reaction from me: Enjoy:

dodgy priorities

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Out of the two videos below i should probably like the tiger one the most but the sad fact of the matter is that my fickle mind finds NomNoming videos far more entertaining!

Taken on our day out at the zoo!

Wit so sharp it’ll cut ya!

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I found this exchange between me and Bobby in an archived chat system:
14:10 me: harro – may be comming this eve – depends on ruth – she’s throwing up and i have glandular fever – it’s all fun fun fungal at the robinsons
hammersmirking: yes. but i charge extra for the diseased.
14:11 me: i’m jus trying to make u rich
hammersmirking: i get none of the cash
Gotta love that boy!

Dom Joly Joy

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