8 Mar ’13

5 Years! #POTD

Wow – 5 Years with my amazing wife! We were walking at Studland in Swanage.
6 Mar ’13

Cheltnham Shoot #POTD

4 Mar ’13

Timemachine #potd

1 Mar ’13

Best start of the day. #potd @rufus2612

Wifey and I are working our way through this. This morning we’ll be getting reminded of the ten commandments.
18 Feb ’13

Waiting for my glasses #Potd

While waiting in specsavers…
17 Feb ’13

@rufus2612 new glasses #Potd

15 Feb ’13

Film Club night #potd

14 Feb ’13


(OvO) via Compfight Just realized how many internet services I use in a day and how interconnected I am in the digital world. So far today […]
13 Feb ’13
XP install

XP on a Mac?

Currently installing XP in Virtual Box on my Mac! I know, I should feel ashamed for installing any windows products on a Mac but I need to […]
27 Jan ’11

What is She? – POTD

She sits in the corner behind the chest of drawers. She is neglected. She is scarred. She is falling apart. She is held together with gaffer […]
26 Jan ’11

Photo of the day

profile of me less da specs yo!
25 Jan ’11

Photo of the day

It’s great when these little opportunities present themselves.
24 Jan ’11

Photo of the day – Looking

Looking where though?!?! to Jesus.
22 Jan ’11

Photo of the day – Loo Long Exposure

Three words that rarely belong together. After an epic cleaning of the bathroom I had a few mins to wait before our Chinese take-away arrived so […]
21 Jan ’11

Photo of the day

So I tried work today. When i woke up i was feeling about 90% so i thought I’d give it a go. I got to work […]
18 Jan ’11

Photo of the day

LIGHT! No explanation for this.
13 Jan ’11

Photo of the day.

The light in our bathroom has been broken for weeks. This trusty candle has kept us company and kept us alight while sitting on our porcelain […]
6 Jan ’11

I learnt on you – POTD

This is the guitar I learnt to play on. I love it. It’s older than me so it has that beautiful sound that only an old […]