25 Dec ’12

Happy Christmas!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! I hope that you all have love in your hearts and hope in your future and if not – […]
24 Dec ’12

Christmas Eve Grazing #potd

24 Dec ’12

Crimbo Video(s)

Here’s some Christmassy vids for your Christmas eve!
23 Dec ’12

Christingle #potd

19 Dec ’12

#thankyoutoday for Christmas kittens

15 Dec ’12


Interwebs telly watching of Les Mis
12 Dec ’12

Lots of twelves

It’s a 2012 Wallpaper (1920 x 1080) clicky biggie! Get the photoshop file here 12121212.psd
10 Dec ’12

Hannah-Grace #POTD

Got to have a cuddle with my cute niece his morning – she’s just full of smiles!
9 Dec ’12

My view from the office #POTD

2 Dec ’10

Photo of the day – Tearfund Snowman, Neville

Tearfund staff working hard!!!
25 Nov ’10

Photo of the day.

23 Nov ’10

Photo of the day

22 Nov ’10

Photo of the day

Simple shot of my mug of quickly disappearing tea. I love the fact that the focus settled on the reflection of the ceiling. Sheer fluke i […]
21 Nov ’10

Photo of the day

Laziness inspired today lunch am IKEA.
19 Nov ’10

Boston Post: National Geographic’s Photography Contest 2010

Click the pic for gallery
19 Nov ’10

Photo of the Day

Driving down through Isleworth this morning and the sun through the fog was intense!
17 Nov ’10

Photo of the day

So I bought some new gloves yesterday and this eve before leaving work I discovered this tag….um…
17 Nov ’10

Photo of the day – 14yr old trainers.

So these are the soles of my oldest pair of trainers. They are fourteen years old. They are kickers (you can see the red and green […]