6 Jul ’12

Yummy flare #POTD

On the way to Ealing last week with Wifey for date night.
29 Jun ’12

Loving the sun #potd

29 May ’12

Today’s studio setup #POTD

Been shooting at the New Wine Church Leaders Conference and this was the roasting tin of a studio we setup.
27 May ’12

Intent telly watching eurovision#POTD

26 May ’12

Tolu & Leke’s wedding #POTD

25 May ’12

Brick #POTD

21 May ’12

Even more painting #POTD

19 May ’12

Painting party #POTD

Some amazing friends from church came to help us paint in the new flat.
18 May ’12

Bunches #POTD

Today i was able to fulfill a lifelong ambition by putting my hair in bunches. I’ve never felt so badass.
26 Oct ’10

CTOTD: Mop Bob

Cool Thingy Of The Day:  Great T-Shirt from http://www.teefury.com/
25 Oct ’10

Photo of the day #FB

24 Oct ’10

Photo of the day.#fb

3 generations of my cameras together! Just gave away the Pentax k100ds to a friend which is always fun. Now need to shift the old Pentax […]
22 Oct ’10

Photo of the day.

21 Oct ’10

Photo of the day.

20 Oct ’10

Photo of the day

19 Oct ’10

Photo of the day

15 Oct ’10

Photo of the day

14 Oct ’10

Photo of the day – New Camera #fb