18 Apr ’11

Chicks – POTD

I don’t know why but there they are! Saw these guys in reception as I was leaving.
17 Apr ’11

Peeking out – POTD

16 Apr ’11

guilty dog

See more funny videos and TBT at Todays Big Thing.
16 Apr ’11

proper selection – POTD

15 Apr ’11

Radiohead Happy Song

14 Apr ’11

The saved bird – POTD

This morning i went down to 216 with Ruth to sort out some more of the ongoing stuff that needs sorting. There was a playgroup happening […]
14 Apr ’11

How to do almost anything on YouTube

YouTube is a massive resource when it comes to learning new things. Check out this cool list of things that you can learn right now on […]
13 Apr ’11

Gaffa Recycling Cross POTD

This is our great creative prayer space. The title serves as the description.  
10 Apr ’11

Best Choreography I’ve seen in ages!

Simply brilliant!
30 Mar ’10

photo of the day

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29 Mar ’10

Photo Challenge Me!

In an attempt to be more creative I’ve had an idea over the weekend. I’ve been inspired to do a daily creative thingy by various diffrent […]
8 Mar ’10

Boston Post: Chile, 3 Days Later

Click the pic for gallery
5 Mar ’10

CTOTD: Beautiful Architectural Photography

Clicky Piccie Cool Thingy Of The Day: WebDesignLedger’s Article on A Showcase of Beautiful Architectural Photography. I love some of these shots.
4 Mar ’10

Boston Post: HOLI 2010

Click the pic for gallery
26 Feb ’10

Boston Post: Afganistan Feb 2010

Click the pic for gallery
4 Feb ’10

Cool thingy of the day

clicky piccie An amazing gallery of images of zsome menta Redbull event of a DH MTB race inside a shopping centre! – RAWKS! I’ll prolly get […]
29 Jan ’10

Boston Post: Fiery European Festivals

Click the pic for gallery
27 Jan ’10

Boston Post: At Work Part 2

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