17 Mar ’11

What am I writing about? POTD

15 Mar ’11

This is what Grace is….

more info on the People of the second chance webiste
14 Mar ’11

Revolution. POTD

Jesus of Nazareth was also known as “The Christ” which when translated directly means:”The Revolutionary”. But his revolution was one that was to bring love, understanding […]
14 Mar ’11

Stuff to check out.

(Source – http://www.thecoolhunter.co.uk/article/detail/1906/this-is-how-you-market-real-estate)
14 Mar ’11

Livestream test

Watch live streaming video from irishmark at livestream.com
14 Mar ’11

Testing Justin.tv streaming service

Watch live video from irishmark23 on Justin.tv
14 Mar ’11

Attack the Block

This is gonna be so many levels of epic I cant wait!!!!
14 Mar ’11


Awesome video for Amnesty International.
12 Mar ’11

I am a #DIY king! #POTD

At least in the Robinson household I am. This is the fruit of my labour today and Wifey is also super pleased. I done good.
13 May ’09

bad from low angles

12 May ’09

Henley Happened

Wifey and i had a really great weekend in Henley. The plan as to do NOTHING! that pln was achieved. We mostly slept, chilled, read, walked […]
15 Feb ’09


I work with timelapse material alot. Our company specialise in it. Even still i love coming across other peoples work when they have createdsomething truley beautiful. […]
6 Feb ’09


I find myself a little perplexed at the idea that people dont like snow! I’vebeen hearing so much on the radio about people moaning about it! […]
7 Jan ’09

Family by Bro

7 Nov ’07

Robinsons Meet The Barnes

My Parents meeting Ruths Parents – What a weekend!
7 Nov ’04

hallo mr ween

A Belated Happy Halloween to you all!!!! This is me at 5am this morning. Just dropped Bob back home after a good night out at fireworks […]