Pulled apart at the seams by my new job…

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343/365 - i dont know.

If you’ve been following my statuses over the past couple of weeks you will have seen that my head has been all over the shop. In any new job this is to be expected but I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon and to the degree that it has.

My first few days here at Tearfund were overshadowed by a common theme; INFORMATION OVERLOAD. Going from a small production company to a big company like Tearfund has been a little overwhelming. There are soooo many abbreviations, processes, systems and people!!! Yeah People! I’m not used to this many people around me! This is not a bad thing though! It’s great because everyone is so lovely and friendly ALL the time. It makes this such a lovely place to work.

Last week we went on our “Journey” conference which was brilliant. This was total immersion into what the team I’ve joined does. It was full-on and I was challenged in so much: My attitude towards poverty, the poor, the government, politicians, my faith, my actions, the world and my life in general – just the small stuff!

So far this job has been amazing. It’s not been too difficult and it’s not been easy but I’ve loved all the ways in which I have been challenged. I love the fact that it challenges me so much that it is shaking me off my comfy foundations and making me look at the world and everyone in it with fresh eyes.

Probably the biggest challenge is the idea that life will never be the same. Living a compassion filled life HURTS and it wont stop hurting cause when it does it means that my effectiveness may come in to question. You may read this thinking it’s full on but i write all this with a huge smile on my face. It’s a GOOD hurt and its a GOOD challenge. It’s a good way to live my life….

It has been full on and i am tired – All this has left me feeling like this:

Silly (still pregnant) Mindy

Out with wifey

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Ruth and I had a lovely day out in Henley on the Bank Holiday Monday. We went down to Henley. It was weird being there without Mom & Dad and not calling in on the Swiss Farm Camp Site. We realised that it was the previous years bank holiday when we were down there and Dad and i were dismantling the wooden floor under the awning of the caravan. There have been many great memories made in that place.

We wandered around the town looking for somewhere nice to have lunch. After failing to get my Mom on the phone to ask her advice we settled on Pizza Express and then went for a walk down the river which was super chilled and super lovely. Ruth commented  that that walk has always been a place where we have always spent our “imaginary money” in our heads. It’s always fun to do that and always easy when you see all the nice boats.

During all this we witnessed a bit of a boat crash. Some inexperienced leisure boaters got impatient leaving the one of the locks and bumped in to the people in front of them who just happened to be in one of those uber expensive speed boats. – you know those ones made of wood and not fibre glass. It was the boating equivalent of an Austin Metro rear-ending a Lamborghini.

We walked on and later found the two boats in question pulling up to the side. We offered to give my details in case they needed a witness statement  at which they were very grateful. After this we moved on and came home to a nicer super chilled eve.

A lovely day out!