Out with wifey

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Ruth and I had a lovely day out in Henley on the Bank Holiday Monday. We went down to Henley. It was weird being there without Mom & Dad and not calling in on the Swiss Farm Camp Site. We realised that it was the previous years bank holiday when we were down there and Dad and i were dismantling the wooden floor under the awning of the caravan. There have been many great memories made in that place.

We wandered around the town looking for somewhere nice to have lunch. After failing to get my Mom on the phone to ask her advice we settled on Pizza Express and then went for a walk down the river which was super chilled and super lovely. Ruth commented  that that walk has always been a place where we have always spent our “imaginary money” in our heads. It’s always fun to do that and always easy when you see all the nice boats.

During all this we witnessed a bit of a boat crash. Some inexperienced leisure boaters got impatient leaving the one of the locks and bumped in to the people in front of them who just happened to be in one of those uber expensive speed boats. – you know those ones made of wood and not fibre glass. It was the boating equivalent of an Austin Metro rear-ending a Lamborghini.

We walked on and later found the two boats in question pulling up to the side. We offered to give my details in case they needed a witness statement  at which they were very grateful. After this we moved on and came home to a nicer super chilled eve.

A lovely day out!

Farewell Tandem Creative…

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So I wrote this email to Terry & Barbara to thank them for my time at Tandem and i decided I’d also send it to the rest of the team. I also thought it’d be a great blog post so here you go:

Thank you so much for the lovely email. Sorry I’ve left it till now to respond. As you can imagine, it’s a bit hectic here at the office with all the handover stuff. There has been loads to do but we’re on top of it all.

Thank you also for your kind words. It really means a lot. It has been a tremendous pleasure working at Tandem.. This new job is very much a step in trusting in God and hopefully doing more stuff to bring people in to the Kingdom which I’m really excited about.

I’d really like to say Thank you to you and Barbara. You have been so generous to me with all the pay rises and with your payers.  I am sad to be leaving such a great company and team. I have really really REALLY enjoyed my time at Tandem.Some of the things i have done while I’ve been here:

    • I’ve met some beautiful people (including yourselves),
    • I’ve met some amazing people (including yourselves),
    • I’ve met some fascinating people (including yourselves),
    • I’ve met some incredibly dull people (NOT including yourselves),
    • I’ve been stretched in all sorts of ways,
    • I’ve learnt new skills,
    • I’ve vastly improved my skills,
    • I’ve drank around 3000 cups of tea (guestimate),
    • I’ve grown in confidence,
    • I’ve grown spiritually,
    • I got married,
    • I’ve been to some great places,
    • I’ve seen some amazing things,
    • I’ve found the best Kebab shop in Hemel Hempstead,
    • I’ve grown creatively,
    • I bought my first car,
    • I’ve had loads of great experiences,
    • I’ve made some films that I’ve been very proud of,
    • I’ve had some looooong chats with people in this office,
    • I made some new friends who I know will be in my life forever,
    • I’ve learnt every inch of the M1 from unction1 to Junction 8,
    • I’ve spent so so so many hours, sitting there waiting for hours and hours for that render bar to get to 100%,
    • I’ve laughed lots,
    • I’ve wanted to throw my monitor out the window (see 2 points previous),
    • I’ve had the time to geek out on stuff,
    • I’ve played with some great kit,
    • I’ve wanted and desired some other bits of kit,
    • I’ve hoped,
    • I’ve wished,
    • I’ve dreamed,
    • above all – I’ve had a great time doing it all…..

I feel I have gained so much and I still see a very integrated future with Tandem. I will miss working here. I will miss the team. I’ll miss being involved with everything.

Thank you! Thank you so much. I will never be able to fully show you my gratitude for the opportunities I’ve had here. Thank you for being faithful. Thank you for modeling Jesus’ nature. Thank you for starting such a cool little company and thank you for trusting this small team to take over the reigns.

Thank you!