2 weeks in: my HTC Desire Review

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So I’ve had my new HTC desire for.2 and despite my dodge typing on the touch screen keyboard…well that’s just me really!!!

Best bits.

  • Google integration – Seamless -All I had to do was enter my google account name and password and it did the rest.
    • Gmail
    • Contacts
    • Calender
    • Maps
  • Twitter & Facebook clients that are usable.
  • GPS Stuff
    • Google Maps
    • Google Turn by Turn navigation – proper Sat Nav yo!
  • Android app store, It notifies you of UPDATES and there are various Games and Applications but notably:

I have to say:

this thing is awesome!

Is it better than an iPhone? I would say yes it is and i don’t base that on my blatant disregard for the iPhone. Lets face it, The iPhone is one of the biggest innovations in technology in years but i do need to remind people of this post which was the SPV M700 which was a HTC device!

HTC have been doing the whole touch screen PDA handset for a lot longer than apple and as a result they do some of the groundwork alot better. This Desire is more customizable, its faster, its more versatile, it’s cheaper by a long way and I didn’t have to sell my soul in to a crappy new poorly priced iPhone only contract!

I’ve been blown away with this handset and what its capable of. Usually within a few days I’ve got a handset sussed but this has been overwhelming at times and I’m still not 100% clued up on all of its capabilities. There have been a few glitches;

  • Alarm clocks.
  • Start-up apps.
  • Battery life

But these i’m looking in to and updates should sort them

The battery life is an issue but i was aware of that when i bought the phone.

All round – its incredible!

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Being Creative with Photo of the Day

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So I’ve been doing Photo Of The Day now since the 30th of March and i’ve only missed out on a few dates. These misses have mostly been down to not being able to actually connect to the interwebs. I’m quite happy with this project actually.

The point of it has been to force myself to be creative each day in a small way. Even though most days i am being creative with my job its good to push myself in this area too cause i’ve found it to be sometimes really difficult.

My POTD alert goes off at 1:45pm every day. As you can imagine, on most occasions i am at my desk at the same time either thinking about, consuming or remembering lunch. The crunch point is that it is starting to be difficult to think of how to take a unique photo of my surroundings when they are always the same.

Yes I could go outside but that defeats the purpose a little bit. I pushing my creativity here and so i want to push myself to be creative about a subject that is so familiar to me that its hard to see it in a different light. I don’t want the result to be that i have hundreds of photos of my desk but i would like to see quite a few photos of similar things done very differently.

I think i’ll have to start tagging my fav pics too.