8 Feb ’15

Rooftops skyline in Acton 1 #POTD

8 Feb ’15

#Twilight on Horn Lane. #POTD

7 Feb ’15

Carrycotting #POTD

6 Feb ’15

Old Speaker #POTD

5 Feb ’15

Mac Grill #POTD

4 Feb ’15

The door #POTD

3 Feb ’15

Pallet reconstructed #POTD

Will be making a decorative sign for the babies’ room with this pallet. Love the diff textures of the grain.
2 Feb ’15

Four Months

2 Jan ’15

Three Months

26 Dec ’13

Wifey birthday on #SauntonSands #POTD

We went for our traditional walk on Saunton Sands this morning for Ruth’s birthday and while doing so I snapped this chap who was photographing some […]
10 Dec ’13

Foggy sunrise #Potd

Was out prwyer walking with the mighty Steven Visser and the sun broke through the clouds in this glorious fashion. We both just stopped and stared […]
28 Oct ’13

Really weird light #UKStorm #POTD

Just glanced out my window when it got really dark all of a sudden and saw that the light had changed to this weird intense yellow. […]
29 Sep ’13

Smoothie Dreggs #POTD

20 Aug ’13

A walk with @rufus2612 #POTD

Having been house bound for nearly two weeks I was keen to get out for a walk and we were rewarded with some beautiful summer evening […]
3 Aug ’13

Yeovil Hill #potd

It’s my day off and I’m currently walking up this hill in Yeovil.
24 Jul ’13

Date night in Richmond #POTD

11 Jun ’13

Sleepy wifey #POTD @rufus2612

17 Apr ’13

Bendy Phone #POTD

Yesterday evening I was setting out to head down to Sydenham for the first night of an Alpha course that a friend is doing. I gave myself plenty of time […]