23 May ’13

Just becasue….

No explanation needed!
17 May ’13

New Ident for Digital Creative

Idents are an important part of a production companies a**enal. They are a way of attributing work in  an impactful way and over the years I’ve made several different ones: The […]
11 May ’13

Lucys First Communion #POTD

6 May ’13

May bank holiday 2013 in Richmond #POTD

17 Apr ’13

Bendy Phone #POTD

Yesterday evening I was setting out to head down to Sydenham for the first night of an Alpha course that a friend is doing. I gave myself plenty of time […]
12 Apr ’13

New blog for Tearfund

Just did a soft launch of this site for a client. The official launch is coming soon as will the portfolio write-up but for now we […]
7 Apr ’13

Our performance for our Dad

We’ve (my siblings, their partners, my wife and I) been in Dublin this weekend to help my parents celebrate my Dads retirement with a big party […]
5 Apr ’13

An amazing day after 22 years

I love my wife! I also love Silver Strand! I also really love my Family. Put them all together and you’ve got the ingredients for an […]
4 Apr ’13

Plane Sight #POTD

This is our view from the plane which should have taken off 45 mins ago. Snow is holding us up and we are currently waiting for […]
4 Sep ’11

Hotel Room View – Doha, #POTD

1 Sep ’11

Done. #POTD

31 Aug ’11

Bish Birthday. #POTD

30 Aug ’11

New Mac. #POTD

She’s an old G5 but shell do the job.
22 Aug ’11

First freelancing lunch wit wife. #potd

21 Aug ’11

Tower #POTD

19 Aug ’11

Chimnea Joy. #POTD

16 Aug ’11

Lead and grain #POTD

1 Aug ’11

New Wine & Long Exposures

That was an intense week. It was intense because Ruth and I are dealing with some tough times ahead of us. On the Friday before New […]