12 Dec ’18

Officelapse 2

5 Dec ’18

Ashanks Silent Motorised Camera Slider First Test

29 Nov ’18

TattLapse – Failed

16 Nov ’18

Office TidyLapse

9 Nov ’18

PlayAndPray Logolapse

30 Oct ’18

Edit screens Lightroom session

30 Oct ’18

East Pier #Lightroom session

27 Sep ’18

#Throwback to #Focus18 and my little shed accommodation thing. #ThrowbackThursday still a thing? #POTD

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27 Sep ’18

#Throwback to our #radrobinsonsummerholidays at #glendalough with this little one. #MyHeart #daddyslittlegirl #MyLittleChicken #POTD

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18 Jun ’11

Why are fixies so popular?

Just watched this vid on Vimeo after watching a few different fixie vids and I’m left with a very genuine question. I ask this question not […]
11 Jan ’11

FRAMED-Andi Wittmann Rider profile

31 Dec ’10

Life Cycles Trailer

thanks to churchcreate for the link.
12 Dec ’10

Best Rider in the world….EVER!

11 Aug ’10

This is what i dream about

I can’t wait to get my bike sorted. Seeing as i will be commuting and there are the jumps across the river at Teddington Lock I […]
3 Aug ’10

Matt Hoffman – Legend

31 May ’10

Best Bike EVER!

Imagine downhill on this rig – it would simply flatten the hill!!!
6 May ’10

RT @twinklydave – This is hardcore

4 Feb ’10

Cool thingy of the day

clicky piccie An amazing gallery of images of zsome menta Redbull event of a DH MTB race inside a shopping centre! – RAWKS! I’ll prolly get […]