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So I’m feeling much better now. Still not 100% but certainly over the worst of the dreaded man flu! It has been a while since I’ve been that ill. I wanted to just die! But it’s all good now!

Yesterday was a full day. I cleaned the kitchen after it had not been done for about 3 weeks. Stagnent water in some steeping pots was the worst thing to deal with but 3/4 hours of work got it all lovely but i must moan about one thing – its a small thing….


Its soooo not true! – There were stains in out kitchen that requiered serious scrubbing post cillit bang soaking! I was much dissapointed!

Anyway! I made a bit of a fudgeup of the eve. Ruth had a free eve so I invited her around with the intention of cooking her dinner and watching a movie or summat. About an hour after i did this i remembered that I was supposed to be going to meet Dara for a pint in Heathrow as he was over for the Day with work. Me = Dumba**e! But it all worked out in the end. I brought Ruth along with me! We had a good ol time in wetherspoons which was grand. expect for the confrontation i had but i’ll come back to that. After this Ruth and I came back here and we jus hung out for a bit before i took her back to her place and made my way back home – yes i is a gentleman innit!

So The confrontation! We were in Wetherspoons in Heathrow Terminal1. The bar was pretty full and a free space came up so i moved forward to the bar knowing full well who was needing to be served next. As a former bar man i appreciate this and always take a mental note on these things. Suddenly this huge middle aged suit with a burley scottish accent comes blaring in at me saying “Oi dont jump the f*~king cue” – I was about to say – “Dude, Its a bar, relax, i know you are before me, I’m just standing here at the bar waiting my turn” All I got to say was “Dude, Its a bar….” Then idiot starts saying “THERE IS NO ARGUMENT I AM FIRST BLAH BLAH” while getting right in my face.  I camly say to him “if you let me finish” but i need to say it 3/4 times before he shuts up but then the bar man says that he is aware of who is first and not to worry. So i then turn to him and say ” See its a bar! you will get serverd when its your due turn and that is what i was going to let happen so there was no need to get in my face and be obnoxiously rude about it” All the while this was going on I was thinking – I really dont wanna have to punch this guy if he starts. It made me realise my knoew stance on confrontation. I feel much more able to hold my own ground where as before i would usually have jus been a big wuss!

On my way home from Ruth’s i almost had another too! (I aint looking for it i assure you) I was followed by some black kid. I usually have a very keen awarness of this and i did the thing of crossing the street a couple of times and what not to test this and low and behold the idiot followed. I then stopped and turned around, when he saw this he stopped and went back the way he came. – I obviously scared him away YAAAAR!

Its funny that the 2 things happened on the same day.


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I finished the animation – Tom did his audio magic and we got the other stuff out and over to the client!

Here is the animation: WARNING: do not watch if you are easily offended by bad language


Hours in the day

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There just aint enough of them!!! I’m off to Manchester for 3 days on Tues and I need to get this corp video I’m working on done. Looks like i shall be relying on Tom to finish it off. Of course all this timing coincided with this weekend. This weekend was the when Davie came down from Edinburgh, Dara is over from Ireland and I was actually able to go out for once on a Friday night


So I met them in a pub in Soho where by this stage I had already drank a couple of bottles of Magners which got me a lil nicely relaxed. When I got there there was a pint waiting, this was followed by a few more than a trip to a chinese for some SAKE! From here we went onto the Metro club on Oxford street and drank copious amounts of silly cheap vodka. – Was a wicked night!!!


Woke up this morning feeling not too bad at all actually – it was 3 hours later when the hangover kicked in and I was working away too which brings me back to where I am now. Working! I’ve spent from 11am this morn till now (23:58) in front of this machine and i feel a bit poo! Tomorrow will hopefully get the last stages done!


Found this and it made me laugh: KUNG FU BABY


Nacho Libre

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Went to see “Nacho Libre”, the new Jack Black movie last night. It was quite good. Dunno quite what to say about it. It was quite amusing but only obtained 2/3 good belly laughs the rest was just a load of amusing anecdotal stuff. Jack Black executed his character very well and really did bring to life small town Mexico but the whole thing just was not as funny as I was expecting. If I was to compare it to another movie I’d say its like Napoleon Dynamite. That movie was funny but warranted few belly laughs and left me a lil perplexed but the characters were all very identifiable. On that note I give you the best scene from Napoleon Dynamite:


On another note – Was having probs with my main machine yesterday. I think its finally packing it in after the abuse its been given over the past 6 months. Time to rebuild it.